1500 Miles So Go Run


February goals (Read 722 times)

    Due to an evil toe, I'm just going to try to hold on now for 150 miles and like 2 pounds.


    Lost 4 pounds, but only made 124 miles. Still, it's an improvement over previous months.

    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

      Finished at 180.  Good enough.

        hit my goal of 150. 

        nothing to see here.  

        Beware, batbear...

          1.)  Kick up to 40+ mpw every week this month.  

          2.)  Lose 5+ Lbs.

          3.)  Concentrate on diet, limiting fast food.

          4.)  Run every day


          How'd you do?


          I got 3 out of 4.  Managed to limit fast food pretty well, although I still hit LJS once per week.  I don't know why - it's the perfect combo of grease and salt for me.  However, I've managed to drive past all the others. 


          I lost 5 pounds.  Went from an average weight around 196 to an average weight around 190.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I think switching off of beer helped most.  I went from 2-3 beers every other night to a shot or two of whiskey and water.  Stopped eating completely after 9 o'clock or so.


          I'm very proud to have run every day.  On day 60 of my streak.  Wasn't always easy to get a run in, but I've done it.  I'm definitely seeing the benefits of getting out there every day, even if it's just for 15 minutes.


          Just checkin' in.

          2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.