1500 Miles So Go Run


February goals (Read 722 times)

    Here goes:


    1. 230 miles (a bit less than Jan - but it is a shorter month!)

    2. Lose another 2kg

    3. A half marathon PR (20th Feb).

      I'll go by my training plan


      1. 215 miles which includes,  Little off this one as I forgot it was a short month
      2. 50 mile River Thames race Done and PB'd on time
      3. 32.75 mile Moonlight run ( 5 x 6.55 mile laps) Done and PB'd my course time by 13 minutes
      4. No injurys Done

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        1.)  Kick up to 40+ mpw every week this month.  

        2.)  Lose 5+ Lbs.

        3.)  Concentrate on diet, limiting fast food.

        4.)  Run every day

        2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

          Training plan says 170 miles in Feb. Run a marathon.  Hopefully get into a habit of doing core and upper body.  Still struggling with that one. 

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            Training plan says 186 - much shorter than January, but the last week is kind of a taper week as I near my goal 10 miler in March.  But in all honesty I'll probably hit 200 if I can.  I would like to keep all my months this year above 200



            MTA - Missed it, hitting about 174 for the month.  Been having some tightness in the shins and took it easy this weekend to rest up for a race next weekend.  here's to a better March (hey, at least there are 3 more days in March)

            A Saucy Wench

              1.)  Kick up to 40+ mpw every week this month.  

              2.)  Lose 5+ Lbs.

              3.)  Concentrate on diet,

              4.)  Move every day


              It seemed easier to copy, although I think 5 lbs is a major stretch.  I'm working on finding a less obsessive way to deal with food so I would be happy with 2 lbs

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                1.)  Kick up to 40+ mpw every week this month.  

                2.)  Lose 5+ Lbs.

                3.)  Recover from Surf City.

                4.)  Ramp up towards Boston



                Running is stupid

                I fly.

                  I know that I'm taking a week off running in March (we go skiing every year and sometimes I run when we are there, but I know I'm not going to this year), so I'm trying to stockpile miles in February.  We'll see how that goes.


                  I caught the bunny in January even after a slow start, so I'm hoping February goes well.

                  Bring it on.

                    5 miles

                    200 pounds


                    No wait I mean 5 pounds, 200 miles. Though the former does sound attractive.

                    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                      1.  > 30 mpw and continue ramping up my base.

                      2.  Transition back to outside running.

                      3.  Injury free!

                        I'm gonna steal a line from C-R....1 more mile than January.


                        Also, channel my inner "Gambler."  I need to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, as it were.  Right now I am doing 2-3 workouts a week...a speed workout, a mid-long run and a long run, then the rest are easy.  I am taking 3 or 4 days off a month, but no more than that - I just need to make sure I know when to work out....and when to recover (not necessarily a day off...just a jog, etc).  Right now, I am doing a great job, and I don't want to lose sight of knowing WHY I am doing the workout at hand...if that makes any sense.  So, in Feb the goal is to know what the purpose of each run is.

                          My general monthly goal is 180 miles, so that's it for February.  It's a challenge this time of year, due to icky weather.  January was a less-than-stellar 124 miles.

                          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                            Nice Jen.


                            For me - 250+ will work.

                            "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                            "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                              My goals sound relatively dull and unambitious compared to most of you


                              1.  Run >150 miles.  This is a big drop relative to January, but a work trip next week and a few other things are conspiring to make February a tricky month for running.

                              2.  Injury free.

                              3.  Keep some form of tempo or work session in each week IF my body continues to accept both a higher mileage and a bit more intensity.

                              4.  Maybe get of my sorry butt and enter some races for later this year.

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                                 150 miles.   That's the goal until it isn't.


                                you guys impress the hell out of me.

                                nothing to see here.