1500 Miles So Go Run


Goodbye group! (Read 207 times)

You'll ruin your knees!

    I will bid this group a farewell, leaving Pam, Craig and Patrick to battle it out for the top position. I believe this to be a mistake, as I have NEVER run more than 1,500 miles in one year, but this, my 51st year on the face of the earth, may be my year to top 2,000. Perhaps I will return, tail tucked betwixt legs, having fallen short of slaying the 2,000 mile dragon. One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world was better for this. -Don Quixote. Have fun, kids! Lynn B

    ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

      Good luck w the 2000 mi ... we'll miss you!
      2009: BQ?
        We will miss you!!! And I have NO DOUBT that you will conquer the 2,000 mile dragon!!

        Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson


          Good luck with the 2000 crew! Smile

          Gandalf the Grey

            Fantastic effort - I really admire the progress you have made ... good luck with the 2k crowd! Neil UK

            Running ... just keep running!
            Fancy a holiday running in the French Alps?

              farewell Lynn but still cheering you on!!! Big grin
              Jennifer mm#1231