1500 Miles So Go Run


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    Woohoo! I'm new around these parts but I'm hoping I can hang with you crazy, kids. My goal for the year was originally set at a modest 1000 miles but I've added some additional performance based goals which will require a much higher number of miles per week (around 40-50). Assuming I can get to that point, I figured I should bump myself up to 1500 mile club while still keeping my foot in the door with my friends over in the 1000 mile club for the time being. Chris
      Hey, Chris. We're only a little crazy over here... If you want really crazy you need to hang out at the 2000 mile club, LOL. Of course, you might need to adjust your goals... Evil grin Wink

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Welcome ! Big grin
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          And just like that, I'm back out of the group. A fractured foot has me sidelined an additional 3 weeks and I've already been unable to run for the last 2. Looks like I'll have to set a more modest goal for '07 and work up to 1500 in '08 instead!
            Black eye Oh, no! Heal up well!

            Roads were made for journeys...