1500 Miles So Go Run


Week 14-16 February (Read 270 times)

    What are you guys up to, races, long runs, any adventures?


    I'll kick off, I am still on my quest to do my super-duper long run in May of 145 miles so getting is as much experience  and long run training as possible that can fit around the family life.


    This week I am running in an event called the Moonlight Challenge where we have to run around a 6.55 mile circuit 5 times or until the cut off point in the pitch dark with a head torch. To make it a little more exciting it is on marsh land but has farm roads and cinder track.


    As you can imagine it is as flat as a pancake, will be as slippery as hell and quite tough as you can pace well in some sections.

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    Beware, batbear...

      Jerry - that sounds like a lot of fun, in a mud-masochist sort of way.


      I'm not up to much as far as racing goes.  Money is tight right now for me.  I'm hoping to run the Shamrock 10K in March.  I wish there were a lot more cheap/free 5K's around as I'd like to get my speed up a little more.


      I'll be pacing some folks in the last quarter of the Umstead 100 in early April - that will be 25 miles (obviously) and my longest continuous effort to date at that point.  I will be pushing my long runs longer in February and trying not to let soccer and theatre de-rail my running.


      On the theatre side, I'm excited to have been invited to be a part of an improv/sketch comedy group that will be performing once per month.  That's pretty exciting.  Improv is not my strongest skill but I respect the folks that are putting on the evening and they invited me so hopefully I will be witty enough to hold my own.  I'm not worried about the sketches, as long as I have a chance to learn the lines.  I am worried about finding time to run and rehearse.  

      2014 Goal -- Run 5X per week, pain-free (relatively) by end of summer.

        Brilliant news about the Improv stuff , one of my favourite memories of a New York trip once was going to a comedy club that did improvisation, all I can say is the American style whilst very funny is a LOT LOT cleaner than the British version which is much more bawdy and double entendre, but hey, that's the Brits

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          Jerry that sounds typically crazy :-) Batensmack - good luck with your 10k and the pacing. That's such a nice thing to do.
            Running - I've got a half this weekend and I'm gearing up for a marathon in April if the half goes well. Long runs are going well and even better I'm recovering nicely afterwards. So for example I did a long hard run on Sunday then a 5k race last night (Tues) and felt fine. Mum and Dad are over visiting from the uk so I'm keeping busy with them at the moment.
              Jerry that sounds typically crazy :-) Batensmack - good luck with your 10k and the pacing. That's such a nice thing to do.

              Tee hee, you know me so well Big grin


              As for typically crazy, this is what happened to my achilles tonight...the picture has some blood in it so you have been warned.


              Bloody Achilles


              It is not as bad as it looks just a little sore and will be fine with a little tape

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