1500 Miles So Go Run


Brrrrrr (Read 270 times)

    So on my run this morning, I had ice on my eyelashes.  That was different

    Looks like Wednesday is going to be above freezing!!!!  Woohoo!!! 

    How's your cold weather running going?

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      I have had frozen eyelashes all week too...first time ever!  I prefer cold weather running but today my legs were so cold they felt like tree trunks and I could barely lift them!  I think we might get above or at least around freezing on Wed too.  The change will be welcomed, even by me.

        I have been given "permission" to not shave for another 5 days as I have a 45 miler on Saturday and I just want to have something to protect my face from the chill factor.


        I was hoping to go for the Sir Ralph Fiennes look:


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