1000 Miles Running, 1000 Miles Biking


The First 6 Months (Read 120 times)

Eternal Rookie

    Chart with 1000 as the max


    And the actual numbers:





      Looks like Hokieesq will graduate about 15 minutes into his next bike ride.

      No big deal but my bike mileage through the first six months is actually 840.6 and not 110. I'm shifting more towards running now so I expect to pass my biking self on foot sometime this month. Well, I suppose if I work hard I could graduate. That's going to take a lot of work.


        Well done everyone.


        I've been away and haven't had time to update the log, My cycling mileage is increasing at the expense of my running target.

        Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.

        Eternal Rookie

          xhristopher – updated. Sorry about that I must have copy and pasted your month, not year to date total.



          jules2 – if it’s not in your log then it didn’t happen Wink