1000 Miles Running, 1000 Miles Biking


The Numbers thru July (Read 97 times)

Eternal Rookie

    Athlete Run Bike
    BeastieRoy 583 407
    Burglar11 552 894
    dtraitor 297 1159
    easytiger 166 231
    Eternal Rookie 404 568
    gmar4718 668 217
    hbarney 120 6
    JLM 156 177
    jules2 356 1226
    Mikeco 328 1923
    pfriese 761 433
    Runningsteph117 632 849
    shadowrunner 783 72
    westward13 0  
    xhristopher 1115 1014
    zoom-zoom 480 2122
    Pace Bunny 580 580


      As well as a sore knee I've now suffered from two really bad colds in July! I doubt I'll be able to hit 1000 running at this rate

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      Eternal Rookie

        Sorry to hear that Jules. I had a couple of little setbacks last month, but am still hoping that I can get in 600 over the next 5 months.

        Now xhristopher is smoking. I may have him tested. This group has a very strict doping policy.

          It's summer time. You gotta be awesome. 


          Princess Cancer Pants

            OMG...the fanny pack makes it!

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