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    I've got some Scwalbe dealies on, now...haven't ridden enough to say whether they are good or not.  I think my next set will likely be some royal blue Conti Grand Prix 4000s...just 'cause they're fun and I've read good reviews.


    I used to have tires in various colors as a kid. Black matches my black bike best but color could be fun. I should look into that. I remember looking at those contis once.


    These are fun but over $70 each.


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      OMG, I could have a blue one on one wheel and an orange one on another...those look hot! Shocked

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        I failed again at leading the mileage here with running alone so I promise I'll put in some bike miles soon. After daylight savings comes and we get an "ok" day I'll give it a go at the bike commute. Promise.


        So, I posted some miles this week on the bike. Today was my first day on the roads. Interestingly, after running outside in whatever mother nature threw at me this winter, riding in 29-32 degrees and strong wind wasn't a big deal. Also interesting was the fact that, despite not riding outdoors since October and running like I never have, I feel more natural on a bike than running. Zero adjustment necessary. It's like riding a bike...

        Needs more cowbell!

          I'm feeling more like that after a couple of weeks on my new bike and the longer stem.  At first it felt like having my first road bike, all over again...kinda scary!

          '17 Goals:

          • Keep doing stuff.


            I normally use my time trial bike for duathlons but as the last one was a hilly one I used my road bike which also has tri bars on.  I raised the saddle and tipped the nose of it down and I reduced the gap between myself and the top competitor by 6 minutes compared to the previous race.


            Here's my race reportBig grin




            1 Saturday Dambuster Duathlon.


            Took the first run fairly steady but still possibly started too fast. 9.7k 41.01


            The first part of the bike leg includes the notorious Rutland Ripple which consists of three mega hills, I was struggling but glad I used my road bike with a better range of gears than my time trial bike.


            After a 10 miles it flattened out and with the wind behind I had an out of body experience where I became a proper cyclist.  The bike accelerated and I stormed the rest of the course overtaking at least 30 other competitors and not being overtaken myself,  I've never felt like that on a bike before, right at the end my saddle worked loose I was so lucky it didn't happen earlier 42K 1:23:00


            The second run which wasn't flat and was partly on shale and grass must have been mismeasured as the results show 5K 20:42


            I came second in my age group so automatically qualifying for the GB Team and 191 our of 310 plus won a bottle of red wine.


            2 Sunday morning Kibworth 6


            Didn't feel too bad I knew there was one big hill but didn't realise there was another one that whilst not so long was very steep, for the first time ever in a road race I walked about 30/ 40 yards but still finished in 41:58 ( in fact I did the first mile in 6:15 Shocked )


            To add to my confusion for the first time this year I finished high enough up to score points for my Tri Club in both the men's and men's vet team.



            3 Sunday afternoon John Lewis


            As you imagine I was in a weakened state for my third event which was taking my mother and Mrs Jules shopping in John Lewis, the details as too gory to go into apart from the fact that mum has now got it in her head that she wants to buy me an IPad 2

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              Great race report. Sounds pretty impressive to me. Haven't raced this year. Don’t think that I even have a mile under 7:00 pace. Still base building. For what, not sure.