2000 Miles to Ternt being interdicted

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There are 370 members.
NameDistanceTime ▼
tgoutzie2740.5 km9d 5hr
perchcreek1847 km7d 23hr
schneidr2601.1 km7d 6hr
Don S2315.8 km7d 6hr
TeaOlive1000.3 km7d 1hr
EatDrinkRunWoman1048.8 km6d 20hr
elodie.kaye1362.7 km6d 9hr
Scully2185.7 km6d 7hr
lynde951.6 km6d 3hr
flatfooter1748.6 km5d 23hr
Roth Runner1738.3 km5d 19hr
beaulieume1556.7 km5d 19hr
smalcolm987 km5d 16hr
pnthuntr1406.6 km5d 15hr
Stacher1521.4 km5d 14hr
mst√ľartm1509 km5d 12hr
ap41408.1 km5d 10hr
The Thunder1625.2 km5d 10hr
LedLincoln1314.8 km5d 10hr
mikeymike 1686.7 km5d 9hr
corland1493 km5d 7hr
DaveP MI1344.5 km5d 6hr
lagwagon1526.8 km5d 4hr
Ojo1143.5 km4d 24hr
DaBurger1601.1 km4d 23hr
masterchap1389.5 km4d 22hr
Candice S.