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    Love that it's a holiday and I have the day off. I ran 6 easy miles under clear blue skies and it's barely noon. I'm counting the days til the time changes and it's lighter later in the evenings.


    Tuesday update: sooo FLURRIES today, possibility of up to 6 inches by tomorrow night and Why YES! I did have the snow tires removed from the car on Saturday! What was I thinking?!  Heading out now for a windy, flurried 4-miles before darkness falls.

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      Yes! I'm definitely noticing a brighter sky - the sun actually is coming up before I get home from a morning run.


      Right now I'm in New York with no luggage, luckily its pouring so not running is OK. I'm hoping to get my gear for 9 miles in Central PArk tomorrow morning.


      Looks like I'm on track for 90-100 mile month (depending on when I get my Mizunos from Air Canada) up from 70 in January, now its time to slowly add on the long runs...


      Happy Friday, A



        Hey, I'm also looking for a half marathon on the east coast in November, if anyone knows of a great race. Our local HM is early October, I thought I might benefit from the extra 4 weeks of training in near perfect weather in Canada for another race.


        The only one I've found that I could possibly get to is Philadelphia which is generally the week before US Thanksgiving.


        Any thoughts?



          13 miles long and easy today.  It is a beautiful 65F spring day and a very enjoyable run.  There is a local HM that I considered running today but I'm glad I stuck with the low stress version.  Did a yoga session with DW yesterday and quite enjoyed that as well.  I have long considered adding yoga into my routine for core strength and flexibility.  The one session showed me that I need both....a lot of both!

            10 miles yesterday - last 3 miles quite tough - still averaged 11:30 mpm which is my desired LR pace at this point.  Ran 3 recovery miles today, also 11:30 mpm.  We've had a ton of snow in the last week, but the roads are remarkably clear and my runs have been safe in that regard.  The weekend weather has been clear as well, with temps in the low 30's.


            I did yoga this morning. I've been a slacker in that regard lately and suspect that's why my runs are harder and my sciatica has been acting up this week. My hips and low back are too tight. So I'm rededicating myself to fitting yoga into the schedule!

            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.