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Just a dude.

    Today ended up being the day.

    I was bummed... I got home late and didn't get to run last night... It was going to work out that I would have finished last night like 1 mile short... I thought that would have been funny...

    ah well...  I guess if I am going to beat it, I should do it on a fairly brutal run like today... 18.4 miles and over 3500 feet elevation gain (and loss)...  Yeehaw...


    MTA: Huh... my garmin says 3500 elevation, but RunningAhead says 5000... My legs say "a lot"... 

    Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 

      Kelly: wow!


      Great run today - I did 15 minutes at my tempo pace and lightly jogged out the other 6.5 miles - fabulous weather, lots of nice boats out on the water...



        Great job, Kelly!

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        Imminent Catastrophe

          17.5 miles along the Platte Path in Denver, it went pretty well, no damage done as far as I know. It was nice to get a break from the heat/humidity of the SE!

          MTA: Fairly flat, unlike Kelly's route. It was sunny and very dry though, I completely drained my 2L hydro pack, plus used a couple of water fountains along the way. I felt the altitude a bit.

          Pretty nice run for a middle-distance guy, Kelly!

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            Nice work Kelly


            I have had an erratic running month but have got two half marathons in 8 days. I ran SF last Sunday and Juneau today.  Now the weather in Juneau was much nicer than the weather in SF and my time was much better. 2:13 vs 2:22.  If any of you are ever in Juneau next year this is really quite a nice marathon with a barbeque afterwards (salmon and burgers).  Anyway I feel fine but should get more runs in between now and mid september when I run a fun relay race.

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              I'm switching back to run focus for the next couple of weeks.  My next race is RnR Virginia Beach so I need to ramp my mileage back up.  I don't have another Tri until the week after the half marathon.  I went for a "long" run today of 8 miles.  It's been a while since I've gone that far.  The weather here in the SE is much cooler now so it went very smoothly.