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    Inov-8 195's arrived while I was out running.  I saw the UPS truck heading into my neighborhood and almost turned around so I could do my whole run with them but I waited until I got home.  Did a quick mile in them after my 6 miler just to try them out and I love them.  I actually wouldn't mind if they were a touch lighter but it's by far the best shoe I've ever had on my foot.  I'll be ordering another pair soon as well as some 230's for a "heavier" training shoe.

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      Heffa, I have a pair of the 230s also, you're right, they are just a little more substantial for longer runs or rougher terrain. Now I'm itching for a pair of the X-Talon 212s for trails. I love, love, love the Flyroc 310s too, those will be my Miwok shoes.

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