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    Just a general question for everyone in this group. Been thinking about my own goals and why I run. What are your goals beyond just the 2000k a year? Are you training for something? Long term goals? Short term goals? I'll start with my shorter goals. My goals are to build a strong base. I've been running consistently about 9 months now. Hoping to make it a lifetime hobby. My original goal was to do 100miles a month but then I found this group and the extra 43 miles was doable. Longer term goals. I would like to run a marathon some day and also BQ before I'm 35. That gives me about 3+ years to do it. I picked 35 because the qualifying time changes between 34-35. It's an arbitrary reason and I believe your time qualifies you for 2 years after. So what are your goals?

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      My first goal is for my ankle to heal totally. I think I overdid it a little this week, and it's hurting just a bit. I skipped today's planned long run for that reason. Longer term, I want to run 30 miles per week, minimum. I felt so GOOD when I was doing that! I would also like to run an HM well at some point - the one next month will be slow, because I will have to walk some of it. Long long range, I would like to shoot for a marathon, just because it's such a radical idea for a former couch potato! I have to see if I can build up my mileage enough first, though. I don't really want to have any speed goals, because I might get discouraged. I am a happy, healthy turtle! Big grin In a nutshell, I want to live a healthy life and be a good role model for my kids, especially my middle son, who is prone to overeating.
        Goals? Hmmm, I've reached all my long term running goals that I set for myself when I started running again when I was 42: 1) make running a lifestyle 2) run all race distances (5K-10K-10miler-HM-30K-marathon) before I'm 50yo. I'm 47yrs now. Clowning around Took me five years to do them all. But I built it slowly. I've now set myself the long term goals of 1) running 4 more marathons, one each year: Amsterdam Paris Berlin London (2010) 2) be able to run a sub 60min 10K (never done this before) before I'm 50. For short term goals 1) I want to build a solid base of 200K per month over Winter 2008/2009 2) be able to run a sub 30min 5K in 2009 (I've done it before)

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          It seems every time I lay out my goals, openly, publicly, I get an injury and have to reverse course. So, using this philosophy of saying one thing where the opposite occurs, my goal is to get injured. Clowning around Seriously though, I do have goals. Big ones. But I am superstitious (per the above reasons) to lay them out. I don't suppose it would hurt to say, as an immediate goal, that I want to PR in my 10-K coming up in 2 weeks.

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            My 2008 goals include a 4:30 marathon and then stop running so long and start running faster. Running is definitely something I want to keep in my life and running the trails of Alaska is just a beautiful experience that I want to keep doing for 20 more years. Next year I want to run a sub 24 5K and a sub 50 10K
            Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)