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Winter Running in the Great White North (Read 187 times)


    Hi group - as some of you have read in another thread, I've relocated to what is practically a foreign land compared to my previous experience. Moving from the South to NE Ohio, I'm absolutely positive I have no idea what I'm doing regarding running up here, outside, during the winter months...which seem to have begun already (43 F high today). I've already been told "get mittens." Check, will do. Running in the snow - I'm lost. I realize we're all different in what works but I'm starting at zero and will have to purchase the majority of the clothes I'll need. Any advice...brands, type, weight - from head to toe - that have worked for you is very much appreciated. I suppose I possess some level of common sense where I could do alright...I just need a gut check.



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      Advice on cold weather running from a guy who lives in Georgia (but I do travel to cold places a lot):


      The Buff is an incredibly versatile thing and comes in all sorts of colors as well as merino wool. 

      And a really thin, light windshirt is a great thing too. I have one that weighs next to nothing and packs up small enough to stuff in a pocket.

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        I think you will get to love that you are a runner in the cold.  As it gets darker up north as well you will love getting out at noon and coming back fresh!


        Layers is all I have to say.  I never wear more than one layer on my legs down to 13 degrees F but 3 layers up top and a hat and mitts.  I like my "get a grips" for running on icy trails/roadds but in snow just good old shoes are fine.  Xcountry skiing is also a nice option.

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