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    Crabby: you have to explain a few things to this European. What does it mean to make varsity? And freshman? Did you go see a doctor for your back?


    I'll go walk the dogs soon and then I'm off for to meet my team for the 10-miler. I heard Friday that two members dropped out at the last minute and we're one member short (we had a waiting list so our team captain managed to get someone to fill in). I haven't a clue what that means for the team. It's not like we were in a position to win anything Joking Because of the pretty tough interval training I did Fri, I didn't run yesterday, so I'm curious to see if my calfs are gonna be very tight. I'm guessing I'll finish somewhere between 1h40 and 1h45. Hoping for a PR (sub 1h43), but I'll have to wait and see. 

    I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

    Run the day, or the day runs you.

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      Weather wasn't as bad as predicted. I had no idea how fast I could run it, so I just went out slow and easy, looking for my pace of the day, and from there on just tried to pass the runner in front of me: 78 in all. I made my public goal of running a PR, but missed out on my secret goal of running sub 1h40.Too bad I had to pee at kilometer 5. I ran to a portapotty, opened the door and there was a guy in there. What the @#$@$. Why didn't he lock the door. I could've seen that from the road and I would've continued to the next one a couple of meters ahead. Now I had to run back to the road and to the next one. At kilometer 7, the area just above my right ankle started to hurt pretty badly. I ran through it and by kilometer 14 it seemed to get better again. The area is still tender to the touch though. I have no idea why or what happened. I hope it's a one off.

      Why do I always forget about all the river dikes and bridges in this course? I was cursing quite a bit after an hour. And something happened to a runner. I have no idea what, but after kilometer 13 we had to move off the road for an ambulance that stopped just a few meters ahead of me and I had to run round it again. 

      Anyways, my watch said I finished in 1:40:42. I passed the starting line about 3 minutes after the gun went off. Official finish time will be published tonight.


      ETA: oh I forgot, I also walked through the water stations (3x) which probably cost me 30 seconds each at least. However, I didn't chat with any of the volunteers like I usually do.


      ETA again:here's a link to my nett finish time (1:40:38). If you scroll down you can see a graph of my pacing. There's also a link to my personal video and photograph, but they haven't been posted yet. My bib number (fill in at start nummer) = 3820)


      Hope the link works.

      I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

      Run the day, or the day runs you.

      Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

      Imminent Catastrophe

        13+ today in Central Park, a taper run for next Saturday's race. What a beautiful day it was, cool, clear, and there was a huge NYRR group training run today for the NYCM. 

        We planned this race months ago so we could go to California to see DW's beloved 89-year old Great Aunt Ione, who is the last remaining family member that she still has ties with. Unfortunately Ione passed away Friday. We're still going but it's really going to be a sad time. She was a WW2 veteran, an Air Force Major, and one tough old broad!

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          Jeff: great job on the age-group award.

          Dutchie: so you PR'd by 2-3 minutes? Awesome! (and sorry about the porta-potty incident).


          21 mile group run today. Since my marathon isn't until December and my half marathon is 4 weeks away I decided to push this one.  Averaged 10:13 pace which included stops at 4 water stops plus one heck of a climb midway.  I'm very pleased since I'm hoping to break 10:00 in the marathon. Then I went to the Titans game (which involved a couple of miles of walking plus climbing many stairs). The Steelers returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and it was downhill from there. I was not pleased.


          Next week I'm doing something interesting. I'm running the Nashville Women's Half Marathon. As a pacer. Of the 3:00 group. In case you're wondering, 3 hours is a 13:40 pace.  We're going to be gallowalking our way around town.  Unfortunately the weather will either be hot, thunderstorms, or both. It's going to be a very interesting experience.

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