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Weekly check-in 8 - 14 Feb (Read 404 times)

    Ran the Frostbite Half Marathon this morning.  Plan was to do a little bit better than planned marathon pace and then pick it up at the end and break 2:10.  My pace was a little hot at the start, but once I settled in it felt good and I just kept speeding up and speeding up.  Unofficial time was 2:01:32 which is a PR by nearly 17 minutes.  So much for treating this as a training run.


    If you're near middle Tennessee and looking for a mid-February half-marathon, I can strongly recommend this one.  It costs $5 (that's FIVE) dollars if you don't want a shirt, $18 if you do (and it's a long-sleeve technical shirt).  Day of race registration is $12.  But its not a rinky dink race.  There were probably over 400 people there today.  The course is challenging, but not too bad.  They have plenty of food and pizza after the race. Very fun, very well run.


    Dutchie: sorry about the car.  Even sorrier to learn there are losers all over the world.

    Kelly: I started to warn you earlier in the week: the challenge I've found with group runs is its very easy to get sucked into a pace that you're not used to.  Glad you survived in one piece.

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      drphibess: Great job on the "training run"!


      I did a slow 10 miles (9.89) around town today - still picking through the icy sidewalks - lots of runners out and everyone was chatty - and it was definitely in the above zero degree zone - happy day. My legs seem to be adjusting to the longer miles. 12 next week!


      Kelly: I'm going to try the group run tomorrow, but I'm going for the super slow 5K group for a recovery run.. I wish I were a speed skater -  5K in 6 minutes!!!




      PS The restaurant Bish is recommended if you are ever in Halifax - very nice preparation of the standard bistro fare.




        I was away at Board meetings earlier this week and was staying in a hotel for 3 days.  I did get in some treadmill running since it is very cold where I was and I try to travel light.  This is going to be my challenge this whole year because I am going on multiple trips.

        Under the category of pleasant surprises, I put the treadmill on random hills and it was actually quite nice.  I haven't been on a treadmill for months and months.  I did feel like I got a good workout on them (although the 30 minute time frame was tough - I wanted to keep going but you are supposed to let others play, too.  )

        I'll go out for a real slow, long one tomorrow I think.  Weather isn't expected to be quite so frigid. 

        Dutchie - too bad about your car!  

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          I didn't get many runs in this week because the mean girls (my PT's) hurt me too much.  I have graduated to some more intense exercises and my calves were so sore for most of the week that I was walking around the house sideways.  I finally managed to get in a run today and bumped up my long run to 7 miles.  I'm starting to get a little scared now.  The 7 miles was enough to make my legs sore.  I'm on a tight schedule to get my mileage up to where it needs to be for Boston.


          The good news is that I can scratch my first goal of 2010 off my list.  I ran pain-free today!  At least injury pain-free, I am definitely feeling muscle soreness, but that is to be expected after a 4 month layoff.

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            2.5 easy on the TM today, I was tired and really didn't want to, but it was good and put me at 20 miles for the week, which I haven't done for awhile.

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