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Weekly Check in 16 - 22 Nov (Read 372 times)

    14 miles in the fog (that's 4 runs in the fog out of the last 5).  Multiple deer sightings including one that was standing right on the path and looked like maybe it wasn't going to get out of my way.


    Volunteering at the infamous Flying Monkey Marathon tomorrow so I hope to get in a few miles on the course. It's on the opposite side of town so I've only run over there once.

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      drphibes: I never have a good experience when running in the fog. Often a "horror-movie like incident" happens.And I mean fog as in thick as pea soup.


      Today finally was a real long run: first took Spike&Spook out for 3.1 kilometers. Today Spike was sort of in running mode. No sniff&diggs at all! But he was sloooooow. Even sloooooower than I usually am.


      After I dropped Spike of at home I continued with Spooky for another long&slow 12.5 kilometers with a very strong head wind along the dike (as in 44km/h). Totally wiped me out for the second half, needing lots and lots of walk breaks. The two big bridges at the end didn't help me any either. Approx. 4 hours later I'm still tired, and my hips feel awfully tight. I think I pull out one of Rodney Yee's yoga dvds. And I need a nap.


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        I have needed a day off from 12 hour days for a while now.  I decided that my run in with a deer was a good sign to just turn around and go home this morning.  Brian, let me now your next fog run, I'll clear the way for you.



          Yikes!  I take it you weren't hurt?  Your poor car!!


          Ran 6 miles today and yesterday. Perfect running weather, slightly overcast, sunshine through the clouds. Last mile today, legs pretty tired. Worth it though to get my 30 miles in for the week. Very excited that I should make the mileage goal at year's end.

          Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


            8 rainy miles. yuck.

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            Imminent Catastrophe

              30 minutes elliptical then 2 easy miles on the TM. The legs felt OK, I hope to do another easy one tomorrow preparing for the Atlanta HM on Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed.

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