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Weekly check-in 22 - 28 March (Read 348 times)

    Just got back from my Tri.  It went really well.  I set what I thought was a reasonable goal time (not having much to reference) and I beat my goal.  I can't tell you at the moment if I thought it was better than just a straight run.  There is so much stuff to think about and I really have no idea of where I could make up time or what my effort level was.  I guess it will take some getting used to.  Results should be here when posted (bib#449):


    Happyfeat - I think that glute and core work will pay big dividends.  Give that style of running some time, it takes a while to get your speed back up.

      Jeff: awesome job!  It's got to feel good to be competing again. I guess the next stop is Boston.


      Kelly: I'll pass on some of the things I've been told by experienced runners (some from this group): a) you're going to have off weeks, it's just part of the deal; b)there is nothing magical about any single workout, if you miss one here or there you won't notice it in the long run; c)don't worry about the missed run or the bad run, look forward to the next one.  You've been steadily increasing your mileage week after week for several months, eventually the body and mind need a break.  Take this as a step back week and I think you'll be amazed at how fresh you feel when you get back on the road.

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        Thanks for the feedback, Jeff.  I appreciate it. I'm still trying to figure out how I got in this boat. I've been running all my adult life and this problem has only surfaced in the last few months. I'm not sure if  changed the way I run recently or if my body just held up despite my poor form - until now. The chronic low back problems I've had for the last 5 years may have been a harbinger. I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm just glad I sorted out what the problem is and what to do about it.

        Sounds like you and your family are really kicking off Spring in a big way with the HM and now the Tri. Good for all of you!


        Dutchie and Ayola, I know you both will catch that bunny once the weather gets better where you are. You really are sooooo close.

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

          Heffa: congrats on your first tri Had a nice beer afterwards to celebrate?


          Me: long run today. Decided to turn things around for once. So I first went out for a 20 kilometer with Spooky only. I did this out&back route. I like running out&backs cause if I can run the 2nd half just as fast or slightly faster, I'll know I'm maintaining pace. However, today the 2nd half was pretty tough cause the wind had picked up considerably and I was running over 4.5 kilometers with a strong head wind. Had to lean into the wind at times. Slowed me down by 5 minutes. Ah well, next time I'll do better.

          Then added on a 4.2 kilometer doggie run with Spike only. Darn that dog was more interested in sniffing and digging (and peeing everywhere) than running. It felt really hard to finish those last kilometers.

          I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

          Run the day, or the day runs you.

          Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

            Ayola: I'm ahead of the bunny today (not sure about tomorrow). Come on and catch me and the bunny.

            I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

            Run the day, or the day runs you.

            Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

              Dutchie: Hmmm - long run tomorrow - I think I'm catching the bunny and you sometime in the middle of the week maybe - planning out next two weeks.


              Gorgeous -1ºC short run through the park with no watch. I'm pretty proud of actually getting up this morning  after a late night. DH is still in bed.






                Weather has been pretty snotty here lately.  Made my 10K race goal of under 55 minutes and today had a nice and easy run through the woods with a friend.  Off to catch up on some work.


                Think I am back on bage one and way behind you all

                Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)
                  Well I know it was poor planning (mostly for the virginia triathlon series) but I had my last long run scheduled for today.  I wasn't sure I would be sore or just plain tired the day after the tri, but I since I'm out of weekends for training I went ahead with the planned run.  To top it off the weather was a warm 70F at run time.  It was a bit of a struggle but I managed to get the whole 20 miles in!  Now it's time to taper.

                  Just a dude.

                    Thanks for the encouragement all...

                    My Friday went late, and I didn't get to bed till after 11pm...  So I decided to skip the run with the group and sleep in some and run on my own...  I found a 14.6 mile route that had a decent amount of dirt roads in the middle...

                    On the actual run, I missed a turn, and ended up at the end of a dirt road at the top of the hill, and had to go through the dirt, rocks, and sage brush down a fairly steep hill to finish the run... 

                    Ended up doing about 17.3 total... I stopped at about 13 for a drink and a bathroom break... That helped...  Felt pretty good about the whole run...  Did get a bit of a sunburn...

                    Ended up with just over 40 miles for the week... Which is good I think... 

                    Its weird right now... If I have a 4 mile run, that's no big deal... but if I start to think that its 35 to 40 minutes, that seems like too much... 

                    Good job guys on the 10k and the triathalon... 


                    Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 

                    Imminent Catastrophe

                      Spent 5 days on a cruise ship for our anniversary, so I feel like I did well getting in 18 miles (10 in NYC on Monday). Mostly on the treadmill, plus a little on the deck track, but at 14 laps/mile I could only take a mile (1/2 mile barefoot).

                      MTA: Most of the passengers looked like the ones in Wall-e. 

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