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Good Luck Brian! (Read 216 times)


    Good luck in Chicago!

    San Francisco - 7/29/12

    Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

    Chicago - 10/7/12

      Wow, I've never had my own thread before.  I'm starting to tear up.


      I was going to post this Sunday morning (based on past experience I will be awake playing the "did my alarm forget to go off" game), but it doesn't look like I'll have internet access.  Just wanted to say thank you to the whole group:

      • Thanks for giving me a goal that seemed reachable, but still a stretch
      • Thanks for giving me a place to vent.  I suppose a private journal would do the same thing, but its so much more fun to share.
      • Thanks for inspiring me with your results and race reports.
      • Most of all, thanks for sharing your day-to-day experiences so I could see that everyone has their good days and bad days, that everyone is wrestling with the weather, their bodies, their real lives.

      At worst, I'll post a report Monday evening when I get back home. 


      Thanks again, all.


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        You kidding? We're all pulling for you, Brian. Good luck in Chicago,  that's one I have wanted to do.

        Yeah, we've all had good and bad days. I'm pretty sure this will be a good one for you. Fair winds and following seas...

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          Brian: good luck and great running. Hope the weather is on your side

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            Brian...wish I could join you for the last 6 miles!!!  Go Brian!
            Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)