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    So my log says I'm at 1241.9 miles for the year as of yesterday and I haven't run yet today. I'm waiting for my car repairman to call so I can have my ride back, then I hope to go run 12 miles on the indoor track, since I'm a wuss and won't run outside in "this weather" if I don't have to.. I should easily pass the 2K mark, even if I don't get in all 12 miles. This is all a new lifetime mileage high for me... Approve 


      Done, 13.17 miles on the indoor track today, pushing me past 2000k for the year . Big grin

        Cecil - Congratulations on beating the bunny ahead of the deadline and also on your highest year ever! That's super!

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


          Thanks, HappyFeet! Looks like I'm on track to finish up the year around 1350-1400 miles. Maybe next year I can aim for 1500 or better, if my feet and knees hold up. 

            great effort, 1500 mi sounds like a good goal for next year.

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