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Imminent Catastrophe

    Jeff, one last work on the stress fracture then I'll get off my soapbox ( I had one a few years back). If it is a SF (only a bonescan could diagnose it for sure) then a few days won't  cut it. We're talking 6-8 weeks of no weight-bearing exercise and, depending on the severity, maybe a cast and/or crutches. I sure hope that isn't the case!

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      Russ- Like I said there has been no doctor's diagnosis but I am 90% certain based on the severity of the symptoms that I am in the 6 weeks off variety of stress fracture.  The comment on the bone scan is the exact reason that I don't feel like I need to bother with the doctor.  You know how it would go.  Doctor says "First we will get an x-ray that will tell us absolutely nothing, then we will schedule a bone scan for a couple weeks from now, then I will tell you to stay off of it for 6-8 weeks".  I'll just skip the aggrevation and stay off of it for 6-8 weeks.


      I appreciate the concern and I am planning on following the no weight bearing excercise until at least my next race (10K) on May 29th.  As for the bike excercise I'm talking about something like a recumbent where I can push mostly with my heel.  Trust me, this hurts enough that I know I'm injured and I will be taking it easy.  I don't mind the soapbox, I'm here for the advice.


      Ayola- Taking the hills into account I would say you have a solid plan.  I really think you are going to surprise yourself when comes race day.  It can't hurt to go out a little easy and kick it in if you feel like it.