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    Sounds like fun, Puke. Congratulations to your dog.


    So I ran my Memorial Day 10K race today as a race effort. It was clear that's how it was going to be when I was still awake at 2 am last night, took something to help me sleep, and woke only 4 hours later - yep, up at 6 am for a noon race!  So I had plenty of time to drive the 15 minutes to the start and run a couple slow miles for a very advantageous warmup. I wanted to run a 9 mpm pace and except for mile 5 (9:08), I achieved that. My average pace was 8:55! The last time I ran that fast in a 10K was 2001, so I'm pretty happy with my progress. Still have work to do to better my PR which was 90 seconds faster than today. The other great things about today's race were: nothing hurt, I didn't get a sideache, I didn't huff-and-puff.  Also I got 1st in my AG (of 3, but still a medal).

    Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

      Dutchie - Nice streaking

      Happy - Awesome 10K, now add some intervals to those tempos and you'll have a new PR.

      Puke - I think I may have chosen pretty bitches over running.  (I used to show dogs too)

      Russ/Happy - It may be a mental thing but I think heat training makes me faster also.  Besides there's nothing better than being completely drenched after a run.


      DW is done with 3 days of radiation and today is the last of 2 days of chemo.  She gets her new bone marrow on Thursday.  She's feeling pretty bad right now but today should be the worst of it.  It's all recovery after today.  Seems like everybody at work is sick right now.  I'm just trying to stay healthy so I can visit her on my day off.  They have a strict no germs policy for obvious reasons.

        Happy: congrats on the medal! Great achievement Smile

        Heffa: heat training makes you faster eh? Guess now I know why I had such a great run this morning. It's been really warm here over the past 10 days. Yesterday it finally cooled down and this morning was just gorgeous: nice 14C, cool breeze and I was almost 15 seconds faster per kilometer.

        I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

        Run the day, or the day runs you.

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          Puke - I think I may have chosen pretty bitches over running.  (I used to show dogs too)



          I got dragged to dog shows all the time when I was younger, So over it now. Smile

          Although I did get back in time to see her get dumped in the best bitch line up.  DW was sooooo nervous

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          Goals 2016

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            It's been a hectic week here.  Not much time for my normal runs but I did get to my friends first race as race director.  Just a little local 5K and very well run for a first time event.  Nice weather and I ran well given my recent lack of runs.  A respectable 18:58 on a course that was probably a touch short.


            After that it was off to see the wife.  She has had a rough week but got her transplant yesterday and was feeling OK today.  Still a long way to go but she was in good spirits.

              ((Jeff & wife)) Glad you didn't succumb to the bug at work and could go visit her today.  Good job on the 5K. Nice you could support your friend's venture.


              I got a little carried away on my long run today and overextended myself a bit (probably by 3 miles). My form fell apart a bit from fatigue in the last couple miles, so my right leg started bothering me off and on. Sad Oh well. I got tired of the idea of slowly adding miles to the LR and just wanted to jump ahead - hah!

              Go as long as you can, and then take another step.