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    I've had problems getting the bluetooth (wireless) link to work with the 405, particularly with the Mac, and would recommend the 305.
    As a MAC user, this is one reason I went with the 205.

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      Just to be clear, the 405 is working now but they just seem to have more issues with the wireless link. I still like it. I've heard that the 405 is a bit quicker to lock onto the satellites and might be somewhat more accurate.

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        The Gig workout I don't know if there is an official name for it so I think you should go ahead and claim it as your own. I like doing runs in this fashion. I always feel better if I finish faster than I started. That's how I like to race too. I have read workouts that discussed this progression and they basically were talking about the concept of getting in a good amount of distance while also working on a faster pace. The end result is 8 miles that are fairly easy on your body AND some pace training. I think it really gives me a mental boost that I get stronger as I run.