2000Km-1243 mile club


I was feeling sorry for myself (Read 103 times)

    because 500 Miles of Bunny git U was slipping away...and then I noticed this club! Only 4.3 to go to pass this bunny! Tomorrow's the day!

      Hi Tech! You mean the 1500 mile Bunny is out of reach, right? Welcome to the group.

      Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

        ha ha yes. FIFTEEN HUNDRED, not five hundred! For 2012 anyway. I've been barely scraping 40-50 mpw for the last couple of months (and that's an increase!), so it may or may not be feasible for me to chase down 224 miles in 32 days. Still going to try but this little trophy that I'll grab later today will make me happy!


        And thanks! I've been here on the forum for years (and lurked for several years before that)...just don't post that often (although i've posted a record number the last week Smile

          Whooooooo! Done!

          Imminent Catastrophe

            Yesssss! Good job!

            "Able to function despite imminent catastrophe"

             "To obtain the air that angels breathe you must come to Tahoe"--Mark Twain

            "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


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