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    Hey, PerfesserR, I think it's admirable you completed the "assignment" given all that! You're tough!


    I'm right with ya on the tiredness. Today I feel better, but my a&& has been draggin for the last week or so for no apparent reason.  Hopefully, I'm over whatever it was. Planning on running 10 tomorrow -  in the pouring rain. We had a beautiful sunny day for the first day of summer - but then it was over! I know you're probably jealous.


    MTA: Saturday update

    The rain held off. Had a glorious 11-mile, 2-hour trail run. Found someone who was willing to start out with me at least for a few miles. Then I was on my own. It was peaceful, rejuvenating, relaxing, and strenuous all at the same time!

    Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

      Puke -  Sooo sorry to hear about the ankle! Here's my unsolicited First Aid advice, having just had a minor ankle sprain in May, I can tell you what I did. Wrap soft ice packs around the ankle several times a day for at least 20 minutes. Elevate above the level of your heart at the same time if you can; otherwise some other time. If you can sleep with it propped up on a pillow, that will really help get the swelling down. When you are up and around, wrap it with an Ace wrap (compression bandage).  Don't run until you can: walk pain free, jump up and down on both legs pain free, hop up and down on the injured leg pain free, and make circles with your foot. Hope you heal fast!


      My TM run went well yesterday, so I'll try it again this morning.

       Thanks for the advice Happy.

      Was a bit slack with the ice :-( but took it easy all week, just biking to work and back.


      Went for my first run today. No pain or discomfort. Slightly tender in the tendon just above the ankle, but felt good.


      Sounds like you had a good trail run Happy.

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        Finally back home.  I went to visit DW for a day and ended up being her caregiver for 4 days because one of her friends could not make it.  Luckily I had already put in for vacation this week so I didn't have to worry about work.  She is doing very good.  Still daily transfusions while we are waiting for her new bone marrow to kick in and fighting a little graft vs host but she is starting to get some energy back.  I usually have time for a run while she is at the clinic and I have really been enjoying Richmond's Belle Isle.  My focus this time was exploring some of the single track.  There must be at least 20 miles of single track withing 1 mile of downtown Richmond, very cool.


        I had little time to catch up on some running logs:


        Trey - Don't look now but Trey just set a PR at the HM and is ramping up the miles nicely.


        Russ - Knocking out some sweet miles in exotic places (Hey, Pittsburgh is exotic to me).  Including a marathon PR and some really quick 10K's (PR coming soon at this distance).


        Happy - Racking up some nice miles and the tempos really look like they are paying off.  Do I see a PR at 10K coming up soon?  That would be cool to update a 16 year PR.  We can not listen to our bodies together.


        Brian - Impressive miles this year.  Getting ready for a fall marathon?


        Puke - Sorry about the ankle.  Nice bike work while your waiting for it to heal.  Looking forward to the trail reports picking back up soon.


        A - Congrats on the new house. 


        Dutchie - Nice string of runs you put together there.  Mojo?

        Imminent Catastrophe

          Jeff, I'm really glad to hear that you are making progress. 

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            Going for an easy 3 this morning - not much running happening lately. I wish I could log demolition time in the new house! Old carpets are removed - old plaster ceilings will be gone this weekend...lm going to try for 3 weekday runs this summer while we rebuild on the weekends. Jeff - I'm happy your wife is on the recovery path - A



              Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff. I needed a motivational reminder this week. I don't know about bettering that PR in the near future though. I keep having things come up like ankle sprains, arch strains, what-have-you. We'll see. I'll keep at it. Not sure if the Park-and-Rec is going to hold another 10K before next December's RainDeer Run. I certainly ought to be in position by then to beat that PR. Wow, wouldn't that be something? I actually can't imagine it.


              Well I've got someone lined up for another trail run this Saturday. That makes two weekends in a row. I'm glad because that 10K trail race is the following Sunday so I'm glad of a chance to remind my legs what trail running is like.


              Oh Puke, I was gonna tell ya - don't wear heels because that aggravates an ankle sprain, right about the time you think it's fine!

              Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                Last run of June: 2-1/2 hours run on the trail today with the friend with the dogs, although only one came today. The good news is it's the dog that treed a cougar during a run last summer. We ran an estimated 12 miles and, at the turnaround, saw a mountain biker who told us of a recent young bear interaction he had only 2 miles up from the trail head. His dog chased it off that day. This is why I'm not eager to run alone there. It's a wonderful trail though. She's very encouraging too, saying that if I can run the "12" we did today on that trail, I'm more than ready for any upcoming 10K or HM on my calendar. Since she's a very experienced competitive athlete, that was a confidence-booster. I'll keep plugging along with my plan - be interesting to see my results. We talked about perhaps running the Skagit Flats HM in September to see where I'm at since it's a flat road race. For her it would be a "tempo run" in between her August Ironman and some October marathon.

                Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


                  Oh Puke, I was gonna tell ya - don't wear heels because that aggravates an ankle sprain, right about the time you think it's fine!


                  Damn, and I was just about to drag the stilettos out of the closet Joking


                  Got up to about 9km over the weekend without pain.  Still tender to the touch but not bad.  Then my son and I having a kick around with a soccer ball and propped on the injured ankle, dumb.  Didn't aggravate it too much but it did remind me to take it easy still.


                  Had to get my bike fixed over the weekend...all this money I had saved on petrol went on fixing a bent rim and a service :-(


                  Not gonna get much time for biking or running this week, doing a 4 day rope access course.  Fun times rescuing people, even if they don;t want to be.


                  Glad to hear the wife is doing good Heffa, and you are getting out on to some single track.


                  Demo time should count A Smile


                  I hope to start on some more running this weekend

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                    Congratulations on your fast 10K race today, PerfesserR!  Your legs appear to have recovered from all those marathons.


                    For my trail race on Sunday, I don't have a time goal. My goals are to:

                    (a)  get there early enough for a 15-minute warmup jog

                    (b)  not go off course like last time

                    (c)  not fall or twist an ankle

                    (d)  have FUN!


                    With the last two Saturday's strenuous trail runs, I think I'm as prepared as I can be.  The trail HM is one month away and I almost feel ready for that. I think this 10K will help towards getting more comfortable with the trail race experience.


                    Take care of that ankle, Puke. No good will come of rushing it.  You sure get to do some fun activities as part of your job. 


                    I hear ya on the expense of bike repairs. We had DHs bike worked on a few months ago for same - bent rim and general overhaul - pricey!  I still can't figure out how it got in such sad shape since he rarely rides it....thought he'd start after the repair, but...still waiting.  Ohh I'm just jokingJoking. He did start in April, managed to hurt his back jogging (?) in early May and that problem/pain persists, so all "get in shape" attempts are stalled for the foreseeable future.  I suspect he thinks I run enough for both of usRoll eyes

                    Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                      Good luck on the trails, Happy! I'm off to the house for some more demo... Someone (who has some running to report, not me) start that Juky thread. Happy Saturday, A



                        Good luck on the trails, Happy! I'm off to the house for some more demo... Someone (who has some running to report, not me) start that Juky thread. Happy Saturday, A


                        OK, enjoy the demo

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