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Shamrock Race Report (Read 151 times)

    It was another great year for the Shamrock. The temperature was in the low 30's at race time with the sun shining brightly. I immediately ditched my gloves but stuck with the jacket for the first half. The temp was up in the 40's by halfway and I dropped my jacket. Beautiful weather the whole way with barely a breeze and clear skies. I decided to run with the 3:20 pace group. It ended up being a good choice. What a great bunch of people in that group. Our very own DannyC was the pace leader and did a fantastic job. He brought us in for the half in 1:39 just as promised giving everybody a minute in the bank for the second half. This was my first time running with one of the pace groups. I had always used them as targets to pass instead. What a great experience. Everybody was looking out for one another. We shared gels and made sure that everybody got water when they needed it. It was such great teamwork. Unfortunately the group started to break apart with about 5 miles to go. I let the bulk of the group go on ahead since I was on good pace and felt like I could maintain the rest of the way to the finish. I stuck with Dan until about 2 miles to go and then sped up just a little since I still had a little left. I havn't seen the official time, but easily finished in under 3:20, qualifying for Boston and setting a 10 minute PR! Thanks again for the perfect pacing Dan! The Shamrock organization was great as usual. Plenty of water/gatorade. All kinds of fan support. Some of the best swag at any race (long sleeve tech shirt, tech hat, big medal, and a goodie bag). I couldn't ask for much more
      Heffa: great running, great race strategy! Gosh you're fast Shocked Congrats on qualifying for Boston!

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        Great race! Thanks for posting a report -- I really appreciate hearing details about using a pacing group.


          this report makes me want to run this race. Thanks for taking time to post.

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