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    Dutchie - nice! And wow for your dog running that far 7.1 today

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      First run in 3 weeks, 5k on the hotel dreadmill. Dead. The rest didn't help, spastic foot was as bad as ever. It doesn't improve with rest, and doesn't get worse with running (it was fine for the few days after the marathon, weird). I'm supposed to get a shot on the 14th, after 6 months of getting worse I sure hope it helps, that bunny is disappearing over the horizon and Daisy is gaining weight Undecided

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        Dutchie: Awesome long run. Lots of hills for me today. Went on a hike this morning up to Griffith Observatory. Felt like it was straight up. Climbed about 500 feet in a mile. Came home, took a brief nap and then went for a run around the neighborhood. I ran in a direction I've never ran before and ended up going up and down all these hills. Felt great though and I ran it in a much faster time than I was expecting. I think I'm going to catch the bunny this week.


          easy slow 3 miles with Hobbes on SUnday. Oh, and Hobbes decided we would go for a swim in the river mid-way on yesterday's run. River = stinky; Hobbes = stinky. Hobbes + River = really stinky = Trey gives Hobbes a bath so wife would let us back inside.

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