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    1 hour cross training on the bike. I hate the bike but hopefully, will help make me a better stronger runner.


    Good luck with training Brian. Chicago is a marathon I think I'd like to shoot for next fall. Love the city.


    Russ - how's the foot doing?

    San Francisco - 7/29/12

    Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

    Chicago - 10/7/12

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      Thanks Trey. I'd like to do Chicago too, maybe I'll see you next year. I went to college in Evanston. Two words: Carmen's Pizza!

      The foot is day-to-day. Slowly getting better though, I'll probably do nothing but elliptical and walking for the next week. I hate the bike too and I'm starting to hate the elliptical too. Now the race has become a "just finish and enjoy" rather than trying to get a good time. That means I can get some photos too.

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      "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


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        Finished out the week with 44 -- so thanks for letting me hang here and especially for the well wishes on the HM.  It was kind of a disappointment.  I've got a lot more miles under my belt than my last HM in February, this was a super flat course, very local, and I've run the 5k version of it the last couple of years so felt very comfortable with it all.  Still, deep in marathon training, I didn't taper at all, so I set what I thought was a reasonable goal of 1:57 (PR in Feb was 1:58:56 -- the 1:57 goal was because that's my HM PR from 1992 ). 


        I cruised along okay until mile ten.  I only had lap pace showing on my Garmin, not total time, and I needed 8:55 average for the 1:57.  It got mentally hard around mile 8, but my body wasn't rebelling.  It was just that I had to really keep the focus to stay in the 8:50 range (yeah, I know I just said 8:55; at some point in there 8:50 became my mantra, and I think that was just a mistake on my part).  Still, I was crusing along atmy pace in mile 9, and really felt okay.  Then, at mile 10, the course re-crossed a bridge and then entered a wind tunnel. 


        Okay, so it wasn't really a wind tunnel, and the bridge was barely a blip, grade-wise.  It was really the wind.  The course was right along the edge of the Bay in Alameda, near the Oakland Airport.  The nice thing about it being right by the airport is that I could trust the windspeed data online, because the station is right there, and that said it was about 8-10mph steady.  That doesn't sound that windy, does it?  I certainly didn't feel it at my back when we were running out that stretch, but, LOL, you never feel it at your back, do you?  But it was so steady. 


        The wind combined with the fact that I'd been close enough to redline . . . I gave up probably two minutes during those last two-three miles.  Sucks.  And, you know what?  I finished in 1:57:30.  Without wind, I think I coulda spanked it.  Maybe if I'd thought to check total time on my Garmin that would've given me some juice to fight through it?  I hadn't thought through how relatively ahead of my pace I was.  Plus, *everyone* was fighting the wind on that stretch, everyone's pace dropped a minute per mile I think, and there's a real influence to that kind of groupthink. 


        Anyway, that's my race report.  I was back at it today with an easy 3+ and my legs feel okay.  Sore, but not pathological. 


        Trey -- you're really getting the miles in now!


        Russ -- good luck with the day-to-day and easy return.


        Crabby -- hope the GOTR 5k was fun.


        Dutchie-- how was the party?  I figure Michelle Obama wears flats, I can wear flats.   


        Bryan -- looks like you're doing a good job building up again.