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Weekly check-in 1/19-1/ 25 (Read 403 times)

I run for Fried Chicken!

    Great job on the PR Trey. Ran 8.5 today, it took a while to get myself motivated to go out for a run but it was a nice day. It's been raining the last couple of days and the rain just stopped and the air was clear and it was a nice 62 degrees out. Ended up running way too fast, finished the run at just under a 9min mile, fastest long run I've ever done. I kept telling myself to slow down but my body wouldn't listen. I was pretty tired by about the 6th mile and I just plodded along the last 2.5 miles and I swear it felt like it was a really slow jog but I still ended up running those miles at a 9min pace. I have no idea what happened today.


      Whew. 12 miles on a hilly course. After a fast 5K race yesterday, I'm done. No more until Tuesday.

      San Francisco - 7/29/12

      Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

      Chicago - 10/7/12