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    of any books or has any advice for writing a personal career development plan?


    I want to write one for me cause I've been stuck at the same level for years. I've had some great and fun jobs but I've now decided I want to move up the ladder a bit to improve my income.

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      Dutchie - the companies I've worked for have all had their own "career ladder" or career development type systems so I don't know of anything out there for general population. I think my last company, which had the best one I've seen so far, called it a PCM - professional career management. It was an evaluation type worksheet where you, the employee, make a statement about yourself and the job role you're in, list your past year's or previous accomplishments, the things you want to accomplish in the next year (projects, milestones, continuing education, etc), a list of what you think your strengths and weaknesses were (usually competencies needed for the career path you're on)...things you recognize as gaps or things you want to improve upon, your goals for your career (where you want to go in the company, what do you want to be), and if you were willing to relocate (always say you're open to that discussion, even if you're not). And then you and your supervisor sit down and discuss all that crap. He or she will agree, or not, on what you wrote and you'll make changes after that discussion...then they write some statement about what a good employee you are or what things you will need to work on, or their expectations for you in the coming year, etc.


      I've seen that these things were used by my old companies in 2 ways:


      1. to help you truly develop and achieve your ambitions (which may or may not really happen) or

      2. to help justify, or look for a reasons, if they want to get rid of you


      I'm not sure if any of this helps at all.

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