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Weekly check-in: 12-18 April (Read 476 times)

    Jeez, he's fast! Doing really well by the look of it.

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      Jeff's final results


      Interval Int. Pace
      Avg. Pace
      5K 25:46 8:18 25:46 8:18
      10K 26:49
      8:38 52:35
      15K 26:08 8:25 1:18:43 8:27
      20K 26:54 8:39 1:45:37 8:30
      1/2     1:51:26 8:30
      25K 27:06 8:43 2:12:43
      9:04 2:40:54
      35K 28:06 9:03 3:08:00 8:40
      40K 28:13 9:04 3:36:13 8:42
      Fin 3:48:22 8:43


      Through Heartbreak Hill OK.  I know his base was not where he would want it to be, so the fact that he carried that pace the whole way without a major drop off is pretty amazing.


      Congratulations Jeff! Considering where you were at the beginning of the year I think this is an amazing piece of work.

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        You hit the nail right on the head Brian.  Considering 3 months ago I still didn't think I would be able to run at all I am very happy with the result.  I really started paying for the lack of base mileage at the top of heartbreak hill (mile 21).  It was all gut check for the rest of the race.  I wish I would have gone out slower and finished stronger, but that's all second guessing.  I'll do up a full race report after I rest a little.
          Jeff: Those splits are awesome and so even - I'd love to do one mile at 8:30m/m. Time for some R&R after a race well done. Take care, A



            Well done Jeff!  You did great!

            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

            Imminent Catastrophe

              Nicely done, and what great pacing! Congratulations.

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