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weekly check-in 26 Jan-1 Feb (Read 358 times)

    Didn't want to run outside due to the wheather. So the TM it was. A speed of 8.5K on the TM is too slow for me. I don't know why cause I do run that slow out on the road for a long run. But on the TM I just can't find my rhythm. So ran the whole thing at 9k/h. The 10th kilometer at 9.5k/h and the last one I was playing with the speed the whole time. Ran 19K total. Think I'm not doing too badly with my training schedule. Starting to feel more confident about that marathon in June. First 5K or 35:30 minutes were difficult. Took a walk break after every 1000 meters. But after 5K, it got easier and I ran the next 5K continuously. Had a break for water and a gel. Then ran the last 9K continuously as well, sipping water as I ran. Turned out to be a great run after all. Aaron: great time on your 5K. Well done given all the difficulties. I always start way in the back to make sure I do start out slow. However, for a 5K that might not be such a good plan. Anne: didn't know you ran a HM. Great time though. Wish I could run that fast Wink

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