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Weekly Check in 5 - 11 Oct (Read 453 times)

Imminent Catastrophe

    Did a tough 12-mile trail race today on a pretty technical trail, lots of rocks, roots, climbs, descents, and it kicked my ass. Didn't see any bears this time! It was beautiful up there, at one point we could look down on the clouds in the valley below, with the sun just coming up. Wish I had my camera!

    Face-plant count was 2. The first was after only 1/4 mile, so everyone got to see it. D'oh!

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      Looks like Brian finished Chicago in just under 5 hours per chip time. Maybe even a negative split.

      Jeff - LMAO, you kid buster. 

      I've spent a beautiful day indoors organizing my home-office for the new job. Start in 1 week. We're pretty excited. 

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        I ran a 7 mile loop instead of the intended 10 miler.  I spent the morning in the ER with my daughter and she's OK just has the flu.  Now I have a very itchy rhroat!  Time to rest.
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