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    And so ends a 13 mile week.  Haven't said anything, but I'm on the list of wounded too. Went out for a long run last Sunday and decided "you know what would feel good after a marathon? Seven miles at 10K pace."  Bad idea.  At about 6.5 tweaked my left knee and felt it the rest of the way.  Still feel it after a few miles.  Was in Boston Thurs-Sunday so between weather, knee and doing the tourist thing I only ran once.  Went out today and got in 4 before I had to shut it down. Lost ground for the second week in a row.  Grrrrr.


    Try again on Tuesday.

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      I think I am on the mend.  Ran 5+ miles today and the only thing I really notice is that I couldn't talk and run at the same time.  Lungs hurt a little bit.  Tomorrow I am off to DC for a week so will look for some nice and easy miles out there.  I am after you again Gig...and Trey...and Dutchie.  Watch your backs
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        I'm better today too. 9.3 miles really easy, and the shin and ankle gave me a little twinge occasionally but overall I felt pretty good. I hope to resume a good training schedule next week. I'll be in NYC Sunday to watch the marathon, which will be really cool, but how will I get a long run in, with Central Park closed off for the race? Pretty inconsiderate of the NYCRRC to hold this race when I'm in town, IMHO. 

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