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Weekly Checkin Aug 3 - Aug 9 (Read 402 times)

    Finished the week with an 11 miler for a total of 35.5).  One of the hardest runs I've ever done.  Body was just not into it.  Started in the dark (strike one) with nothing to eat (strike two) with temps already at 75 (strike three) after a hard day yesterday (strike four).  Actually took a couple of walking breaks for the first time in...I don't know when.  The thing that kept me going was remembering that that's the purpose of the long run after the tempo run: get used to running when you're tired.  Even so, I think I'll go back to my usual plan of tempo mid-week and easy before the long run. 


    40 miles next week culminating in an 18-miler.

    New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

    Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

    Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013


      Hard 14.8 miles of mountain trails . Holy crap that was tough. The heat really cooked me at the end (92 degrees) but at least it was shady, mostly. I'm ready for things to cool off but I know we have another 6 or so weeks of this crap.

      Today's trail run was a hard a run as I've ever had... marathons included. Note to self: next time DO NOT the the hiking trail rated difficulty 9 (out of 10). Sheesh!

      Hope you're all having great runs this weekend. 

      MTA - Brian, I think your 'easy before long run' plan will work nicely. 

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      Imminent Catastrophe

        It sounds like HEAT was the common problem today in the Southeast. I swear, doing this training program in Summer is going to kill me! Here are some ways it might happen:


        1. Heat stroke

        2. Dehydration

        3. Hyponatremia

        4. Eaten by a bear

        5. Get lost in the woods (despite the GPS watch), starve to death

        6. Mauled by hillbilly neighbor's rabid dogs

        7. Get run over by rednecks in pickup truck

        ...and many more.


        Today's long run was a real test. After the first 10-mile loop of a planned 18-miler I was toast. It was in the low 90's and the heat index was probably around 100. I was completely drenched, including my shoes. I was soooo tired, and my legs were dead. I had tried to stay hydrated, taking an S-cap and had drained my 1.5-liter water pack but was so wasted that I was planning to end the run there. After I got back to my car and drank another 1.5 liters or so, had a Crank e-gel (these have LOADS of electrolytes and are great for hot-weather running) and spent a few minutes in the air-conditioned visitor's center bathroom, I felt better and set out again, this time tried out the horse trails (softer and more shade) and managed to get in another 7 miles. They were slow and hard miles, but I did them. So I got in 17 of 18. Good enough.

        I am so tired of the summer heat...

        Man, my shoes are really nasty!

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          Finishd week with 41.7 (New high MPW!) and 10k PR.


          Now only 2 miles behind the bunny so should pass him this week.

          "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it Great!

            MTA - Brian, I think your 'easy before long run' plan will work nicely. 


            Yeah, this is the second time I've tried this tempo/long double and it didn't work previous week either. Following the Hal Higdon plan and that's what he recommends, but really, this week, it was an excuse to race hard in the midst of marathon training.

            Man, my shoes are really nasty!

            Tell me about it. I've run in the rain and my shoes didn't get this wet. The worst part is I didn't realize how wet they'd gotten the first time I sweated them up so I didn't do anything to dry them out. Now they smell like cat pee. The wife insists that they stay in the garage now because they were keeping her up at night sitting in my closet.


            And good job to everyone who got out in the heat and got their miles in.  Next week will be cooler.  Somewhere.

            New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

            Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

            Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013


              Its definitely cooled off herer in AK.  Down in the high 50's again.  Ran 9 miles a bit faster than I had planned on this trail with my husband and daughter riding their bikes.  Felt awful afterwards with GI pain and chills.  Don't know what that was about.  Wanted to run 12 but once I got to the end of the trail is was hard to want to tack on 3.
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