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    Nothing excitng to report. No run today (back to back client meetings) but ill go for a 4-5 miler tomorrow. Happy - Glad the legs are on the mend... Who's next?



      Russ - A thoroughly impressive several weeks of racing.  I was in awe of the concept of 3 tough marathons so close together, and then to better your BQ time on the LAST of the 3 was just the icing on the cake.  Well done and congrats!


      My legs are just about recovered from the 50K.  I had some pretty significant swelling after this one.  Much more than I ever had before.  My weight was up by about 6 lbs for a couple days after the race and over the last two days it finally is back down to normal.  I think I'm going to try out some compression sleeves for during and after my next long race.

        Good luck in the Bluenose Half tomorrow, Ayola! Hope it goes really well for you and you have a great time.

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          Thanks Happy!

          The day went very well. Gorgeous sunny and cold (started at +1C) in Halifax.  I decided to run it like a training run - trying to hold a particular pace for 10 miles - and then jog it in - rather than an evenly paced run. And that's pretty much what happened. I ran the first half with the 2:20:00 pace bunny 10:40 m/m let him go on a hilly section, still maintained pace to 10 miles but decided to walk the 4 major hills and then jogged/ walked it in and squeaked in at 2:30:00. also nice to run by effort and without the Garmin. Effort level 8. Legs are ok this morning. Hoping to stick with that 2:20:00 bunny later this fall - with much more consistent training!

          i treated myself with yummy chocolate cake that i made for a friends birthday later that evening...

          Happy Monday folks, A



            A - Sounds like you had a good race and made the most it.  Should be a good stepping stone to the fall race.


            I had a great 10k race yesterday.  I was shooting for a PR of course but I didn't think I had the speed work to back it up.  I figured I would give it a shot in the windy conditions anyway.  Everything felt great right from the start and I settled into a pace a little faster than I had planned.  I kept it easy feeling and did some strategic drafting early and still ended up going through the first 5k at 20:15 (goal of 21:00).  I just needed to finish the second 5k in about 21:00 to get my PR.  The last 2 miles was with the wind and I had lots of energy left so I easily rolled in for a negative split and a PR by over a minute.  Second 5k in 19:50 for a total time of 40:05.  My only slight disappointment was that I easily could have shaved off a couple seconds and finished sub 40.  I was just enjoying myself and waving to the family and didn't look up at the finish clock until it was too late.  This is a pretty big regional race so I'm still very happy with my PR and 2nd in my AG.

              Great job Jeff!

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                Congratulations on your new 10K PR, Jeff! That's so exciting, especially when you felt you weren't there yet with your training.  Race Day Magic at its finest!!!


                I'm beginning to feel like a broken record, but I have re-tweaked my injured left hamstring for the frickin THIRD time - just as it was almost healed. Friday noon time I stepped on a piece of broken plastic hanger in a store (with clogs on), was rocked off my feet completely, fell to the floor, pulling my hamstring, and slightly twisting an ankle, knee, and back. Sheesh! So I didn't run for a couple days to rest it, then today went out for my slowest 10-miler on record. The ham hurt a little bit throughout the run, but slowing down kept it to a minimum. Ankle and knee were fine.  It was an otherwise perfect outing, IRC, great scenery, and the feeling I could go on for miles as I was approaching the end. Tomorrow is another scheduled rest day. We'll see what Monday brings.


                MTA: checked my log. Today was not my slowest 10-mi after all. April 27 was - right after I first injured the leg. So at least I'm not all the way back to square one!


                MTA: Looks like only one glove made it home. Had them tucked in my waistband for most of the run. May have to run the route again tomorrow and look for it, unless it's on the ground where I returned to my parked car and took off my belt.

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                  Pretty quiet here after race day - took some time off and worked on the house renos. I took my first yoga class in years on Monday - I'm hoping to limber up and align! Also, now that the weather is cooperating I'm walking at least one way to/ from work each day (3 miles) for a little boost.


                  Jeff - you are speedy! Congratulations.

                  Happy - is more rest on the schedule for you and your hamstrings?



                    Ummm no. Well I did take Friday and Saturday off and last night. That's 3 days. PLENTY o time to recupe, yes? Tonight's run went really well. So I'm encouraged. 4 miles planned for tomorrow along with yoga. Then rest day Friday before long run Saturday.  It's not running that bothers the poor ham; it's the twisting and falling crap. And honestly, I'm not as klutzy as I appear to be!!!


                    MTA  I'm also accommodating my hamstring by only running as fast as I can go without pain or aggravating it (most of the time).

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                    Imminent Catastrophe

                      I just saw photos of Wyoming where I'm supposed to run a 50-miler in two weeks:




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                        Bring your snow shoes!


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                            Had some snow where I was last week.....but nothing like that Russ


                            All quiet down-under, but nearly time to start build up again.


                            BTW, nice 10km Jeff.  Bit late, but haven't been online much

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