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    Thats a good time Crabby. Congrats none-the-less.

    I bought the Nike Structure Triax and hate them. The description read what I thought I was looking for. Apparently not. I did 6.7 miles in them this morning and aside from some toes going numb (even got a 1/2 size bigger than normal), my old nemesis, right IT Band, started to hurt a little. So I called it a day and will run longer tomorrow instead. 

    IT Band is feeling okay now, once I got those Nike's off my feet. I also picked up the Brooks Ravenna which I think will be a better shoe - it feels closer to my beloved Inspires so we'll see tomorrow.  The Ravenna has a more narrow toe box but with a thinner sock, I hope to be OK. I also bought a 1/2 bigger than normal in the Brooks. 

    Russ - I'm sure you're so happy to be done with the track works outs (for the most part). It was a hard training plan and you stuck it out. Awesome. Have a great tapper. 

    Cheers all. 

    San Francisco - 7/29/12

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      Everyone is doing a great job!


      9.5 miler this morning (miscalculated the 10 on my new route) I'm getting to know the city...  I followed that with the farmers' and supermarket and almost passed out! I had breakfast but maybe one too many hours on my feet. This was my first 20+ week since the pre and post move. Still evaluating whether to take on a HM in October


      Happy saturday





        18 yesterday.  Humid, but overcast.  In theory, I should have been significantly faster than the 18 two weeks ago because it was cooler, but was only a minute or two better.  Been running too hard this week and started too fast yesterday, by the end I was just shambling along.  Two significant hills in the last two miles didn't help.


         It was a group run and my wife volunteered to work one of the water stops.  It was nice to see her on the way out and again on the way back.  Plus I made sure she got ice so her drinks were cold, not 85º.


        Gonna get in at least 4 today to get to 42 for the week.  Toying with the idea of 5.3 so I'll get 180 for the month, but even walking is not attractive right now.


        Noticed that we've had some people make their 1243 mile goal and drop off the pace chart.  Congrats to them.  Eddy just crossed the line and Anne should get there this week.  Way to go people!

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          Agreed - we, the 2000K group, seem to be hitting our stride right now.

          11.5 this morning. Gonna do a couple shorts runs this week but that's about it until Sunday. I really need to get my flexibility under control this week. Man, am I tight around the hips, groin, and lower back. 

          PS - the new Brooks Ravenna did pretty well. Light, great toe-off feel, decent heel and forefoot cushioning for such a light shoe. Arches didn't/don't hurt like they did in the Nike Triax. 

          The dogs are looking at me like a pork chop...don't think they've been fed yet. 


          MTA - I was able to catch Dutchie - as soon as another person finishes the 2000K distance, I should get "promoted" to page 1. Well, it'll save a mouse click anyway. 

          San Francisco - 7/29/12

          Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

          Chicago - 10/7/12

          Imminent Catastrophe

            10-miler today with 6@LT (maybe a bit above). I felt pretty sluggish and legs were tired and a bit sore after a heavy week and yesterday's fairly hard 16-miler but I felt better after a couple miles. My LT pace is still slower than I'd like at this point although it was warm and kind of hilly. Oh well.

            So that's an all-time high of 64 miles for this week! Whew. The real taper starts now.

            MTA: 64 miles, not 63! I'm claiming all of them!

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              About a 10 miler for me too.  PRetty slow but I hit 3 of my favorite trails with my favorite dog along.  Nice and dry and cool.  My legs were pretty tight by the end but I have a 12.4 mile race in 2 weeks so I better get a move on.
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                8 mile tempo for me today.  That's my last hard run before my race next weekend.  I managed to hit my pace like I wanted but it felt a little too hard.  I am confident I am in condition to PR but I think I might be a little shy of my goal.  Only time will tell.

                  I suppose I should check in with the group...have not been doing as well as I hoped...averaging about 30 miles behind the bunny now...which will increase in September due to a 3-day backpack trip and a 4-day trip to California. I'm kinda bummed because I was really hoping to keep up with the bunny. I don't know if I can catch up by the years end, but that pace bunny is VERY motivating.  I have hopes for building a long run because I've done it in the past, but I'm really doing all I'm able to right now. Still it's an improvement over the last 3 years - each of which were around 700 miles  - I'm already there and have 4 more months to go. So I'm quite happy about that. Just had my 53rd birthday yesterday. Hoping for a good running year to come.

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