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Jeff's Boston Report (Read 293 times)

    Against the prevailing advice, we decided to stay close to the start to save a little money.

    We opted for the Hampton Inn in Marlborough and fortunately the plan worked very well.  We

    enjoyed 5 days in the Boston area with very little trouble getting around.  I picked up a 7

    day subway pass which we more than got our moneys worth out of.  We just parked at the

    satelite subway parking and rode into town when we wanted to.


    I was a little nervous for the marathon transportation, but it worked well for that too.  My

    wife dropped me off at the state park in Hopkinton (15 minutes from our hotel) and I rode

    the shuttle to the start.  Picking clothes for marathon morning was a little tricky.  The

    weather the whole weekend was cold and rainy and the forecast called for cold but clear

    weather to start the day.  I packed several extra layers for warmth and a poncho for the

    wind and headed out.


    The only minor snag of the day came when the shuttle dropped us off right at the starting

    line.  The athletes village was almost a mile away.  I didn't feel any real need to go to

    the village but the gear drop busses were located there so I started walking.  It was still

    cold and windy but the sun was shining bright.


    I made a quick trip through the athletes village and located my gear drop bus.  I easily

    found a port-o-potty, talked to a couple of people for about 30 minutes, donned my necessary

    running gear and headed to gear check.  I had several layers staged to remove as the run

    started but it was warming up so quickly that I stripped down to my base layers and checked

    all my gear.  It was a warm feeling 45F as we headed towards the start.


    Near the start line there was a huge parking lot full of port-o-potties and I made another

    stop just before entering my corral.  The line here was only about 10 minutes long.  This

    race by far had the best access to port-o-potties I have seen.  I was very disappointed to

    still see some people using inappropriate places.


    Just as I exited the bathroom the National Anthem started playing.  I was very happy with

    how all my timing had worked out so far.  I know I got up at least 2 hours later than most

    of the runners and I had only had about an hour wait for the start.  I was feeling strong,

    rested, hydrated, bladder empty and confident.  Just as I was feeling this emotion the

    National Anthem ended and we were buzzed by a 2 fighter jet flyover!  My heart was beating

    out of my chest and I nearly started running right then.  I felt like I could sprint to



    They were being very strict about starting corrals and even though I new my fitness was not

    good enough for corral 8 I was directed in.  It worked OK because there was really no

    division between corrals and as soon as the starting gun went off it was basically a mass

    start.  I walked as slowly as I could manage in the crowd to get a little further back in

    the group before the start line.  When I crossed the start line I was probably close to

    corral 11.


    0-5K: 25:46  I had driven the course the day before and I knew that the first 4 miles were

    very downhill so I tried my best to go out easy.  I settled into an easy pace and proceeded

    to get passed by a couple of thousand people.  I was a little too fast on pace but I

    expected that for the downhill.


    5-10K: 26:49  I found a free port-o-potty just after 5K and we exited the rural area outside

    Hopkinton and this started the continuous wall of people for the rest of the course.  We

    passed the Ashland clocks and the Framingham Train Station.  My pace was still a little fast

    considering my bathroom break.


    10-15K: 26:08  Still trying to calm down and slow down.  Still getting passed by what felt

    like a thousand people per mile.  Just kept telling myself I would catch them later.  Pace

    still too fast.


    15-20K: 26:54  We had worked out a place at mile 10 in Natick to meet my family on the

    course.  They were right where I expected them and we had a quick picture and high five

    before heading back out.  The crowd in Natick was awesome and my excitement caused another

    too fast pace considering my stop for pictures.


    20-25K: 27:06  Wellesley College.  I was looking forward to this section of the course ever

    since I started planning the trip.  What a rush this area was.  I was glued to the right

    side of the road, reading all the signs "kiss me I'm a senior", "kiss me I'm Irish", etc. 

    High fives were abundant but I resisted the other offers.


    25-30K: 28:11  I was over half way now and I could tell already that my pace was going to

    bite me, the 100 ft descent into Newton was rather painful on my quads.  I stopped at a

    port-o-potty and filled up my bottle with gatorade and kept pushing gels and liquids to try

    and stave off the pain that was coming in the approaching hills.  Considering my bathroom

    stop and drink refill my pace was still high.  I entertained the idea of trying to keep this

    pace to the end....


    30-35K: 27:06  Heartbreak Hill.  I made the turn at the Newton Fire Station and headed into

    the hills.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to handle this area since I had done

    absolutely no hill training.  It ended up to be my favorite part of the course.  I powered

    up the hills with no problems and was quite surprised when I hit Boston College and saw all

    the signs about finishing Heartbreak Hill!  The crowd at BC was by far the best on the

    course and as I soared over the top of the hill feeling very accomplished I mistakenly

    assumed the worst was over.


    35-40K: 28:13  GOING DOWNHILL SUCKS! The next 3 miles were excruciating!  My knees were

    killing me and my quads were on fire!  It was all I could do to keep putting my leg out in

    front of me because I knew what it would feel like when it landed.  I actually stopped and

    stretched a little but that did nothing to help.  I finally decided to try and take some

    strain off my quads by pulling through harder with my butt/hamstring and not "braking" as

    much.  This technique got me down the hill.


    The finish:  I glanced at the watch and saw that my goal of 3:45 was gone.  My minimum goal

    of 3:49 was still in sight if I could keep moving.  I focused on the fantastic crowd,

    thought of all my friends (especially the 2000km group) rooting for me and dug a little

    deeper.  I made the turn on Boylston street and in the last half mile I just soaked it all

    in.  What a fantastic sporting event to be a part of!  I crossed the line in a respectable



    Thanks so much to everybody that has supported me the last 6 months.  Through my frustrating

    injury and 3 months off, and my 3 months of physical therapy and abbreviated training.  I

    really didn't think Boston was going to happen but I am so glad it did.  I really felt you

    guys out on the course and it carried me through!

      What a memorable run you had! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm so happy that you met your goal. That's just huge!

      Hope your quads and knees recover quickly. (I feel your pain with regard to downhill running.)

      Your tribute to the group made me tear up of course.

      Go as long as you can, and then take another step.


        Jeff...very  nice description and I don't think I'll get to Boston but it is definitely fun to read about.  You were awesome..and so close to 3:45 that I would just say "I finished right around 3:45"


        Downhill running does hurt and its a good idea to call in the other muscle groups

        Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)
          Jeff, thanks so much for sharing.  What a story and what an inspiration.  Thank you.

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            Great race report Jeff! You did make goal. Its amazing to me that you did so well with that abbreviated training. I'd love to run Boston someday, but I'm afraid I'll never qualify.

            I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

            Run the day, or the day runs you.

            Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle


              Dude, you're the bomb. I tried to follow you on the internet that day but when I went to search for your name, I realized all I knew was "Jeff."

              Oh well, and never-the-less, awesome race!

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