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Weekly Check in 28 Dec - 3 Jan (Read 352 times)

    Dutchie: Your run today sounds so beautiful!

    I did 5 miles in nice clear weather. My left hamstring catch is holding me back a bit, but still slowly improving.  I came home and did a light UB workout with weights for the first time in a couple years. My plan is to workout 3 times per week. I made up a projected running game plan which includes 2 days off per week from running and adding a Sunday long run to build back up to HM range.  So with those 2 rest days, I certainly should be able to get on track with the weight training.

    Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

      After running in the cold this 40 degree weather was darn toasty. 


      The last 3 days I've run in 23, 28 and 25 degree weather.  And that was with waiting till the middle of the day for things to warm up.  Remind me of this when I complain about the heat and humidity in a few months.


      Put in 14.5 today.  Was supposed to be 16, but decided to cut it short when my face went completely numb.  Turns out that running into the sun is a lot more comfortable than running away from the sun.


      Have a great week on the road everyone.

      New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

      Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

      Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013