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    Well, it looks like I will have to christen this group forum. I am very close to 1500 miles for 2007, and expect to get there by New Years Eve, but expect to take it easy for the first part of 2008, so 2000 km might be a realistic goal for me. Who else is in?

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      i'm in. i'll only make around 1400km for this year but hope to be close to 1500 miles next year. 2000km is a fall back plan!

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        I'm in too. I started running for the first time in my life back in March/April of 2007, so I only managed about 700 miles for the year. I'm in a pretty good groove now though and have been averaging a little over a 100 miles/month for the last 3-5 months. That same consistency should put me right on pace with the bunny for 2000km in 2008!

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          I'm in as I finished 1000 this year with 2 months off for knee surgery. Am planning on maintaining miles while increasing my speed this year
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            I'm in too! I started running in the summer and I've slowly but steadily been increasing my mileage. If I hold the pace I'm at right now then I'll get somewhere around 2000km next year. Watch out, bunny!


              I'm in too. Yesterday I ran my km #2000 this year. Doing the same thing next year sounds good (not so sure if I'll reach the 2000M, so ....)

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                2000 KM is my "lofty" ..... Hope to hit 1000 miles but I'm here for some extra motivation. Good luck everyone! Jason
                  Hello everyone, I'm in. Put in my first run of the year yesterday and already I'm chasing the bunny Big grin ETA cause I changed my mind after posting. I'm a woman. It happens Big grin

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                    i'm in - i made 1200 miles on the button for 2007 and want to keep it right there... susan


                      Starting easy here in 08...but ramping up every week. Hey, nice place you have here guys.

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                        Well I am the n00b of this selective group - Good Evening. I just about scrambled over the 1000m last year, know that 1500m is out of reach, and 1000k is not a challenge - so this fits perfectly. Am currently in training for my second Half Marathon in March, so Iexpect to be clocking the necessary miles over the next couple of months. Not sure what my plans are after that - we'll see then

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                          Hi all I am aiming for somewhere between 2000K and 1500mi, starting out slowwww though. Darn ice. Dead Have a bunch of races on the calendar for the year. An 8 race 10K series, a couple halfs, hood-to-coast and portland marathon, so there are miles to be had if I stay healthy

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                            Hi everyone!, I've been averaging 1250-1300 mi each year for the past three years so this group should be just about right. I'm planning on doing 3 or 4 marathons and a couple of halfs, also a few local 10k's. Next race is the New Orleans marathon next month. Hopefully, I'll continue to stay injury free.