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    Shorts! Nice warm and sunny morning for a short run before 10k tomorrow. Planted some kale, spinach, carrots and beets. I'll dig holes for blueberries and astible after the race. I'm expecting to be slow as I'm not very fit but it will be good  practice for summer racing.


    How's everyone doing? A



      I admire your productivity, Ayola. I'm such a slug in contrast. So much to do in my "yard" that it's overwhelming right now. Plus I don't want to make myself sore from yardwork since I also have a race tomorrow: a 12K. I'm so nervous!! Feeling really scatterbrained...need to get this under control. It's a long time until 11 am tomorrow when the race starts.  It's so stupid to be nervous anyway.... complete waste of energy...and doesn't affect the outcome.


      What IS everyone else up to??

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        Well, I'm feeling terribly lazy this year! Not good. I know that all it takes to feel like running regularly is to just go running regularly. Sometimes I almost get into it, but then some job or family complication stops the momentum, and there: another week with zero or close to zero miles!

        Not good.

        Anyway, I 'm still on for Oh Meu Deus in June. According to the latest info, it'll be around 60km, 2790m accumulated climb. Oh, boy!... I'm going with a friend (otherwise I would have given up already), and he's quite a bit slower then me. Maybe if I keep with him I'll manage to complete the race... If he completes the race.

        Happy running!


          Hi Ze !!  Good luck with your training for the June ultra. Sounds like a challenge on multiple levels.


          So, Ayola, how did you do??? What was the event like?


          Mine was unexpectedly hot (for here). I chose the wrong race to not carry a bottle and wore too warm of clothes. My life was saved by a half dozen folks at different points along the way with hoses spraying us down. Seriously I was getting overheated. I couldn't get enough water and I was pouring it down the back of my neck and everything. Dang! Never race without a bottle again!!!


          Besides that, I missed my ambitious first goal of 1:07 AND my second goal of simply beating last time. I  was even slower than that by about 30 sec. So...a bit disappointed with that. Seriously I need to figure out how to move my feet faster!!!! Anybody? Tips? Help?!   I know part of my slowness is my legs are only just getting over the trail HM in April, but I thought maybe they'd remember the tempo runs leading up to that.  Guess not.

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            Long weekend here in Canada. I meant to sleep in but looks like I'm awake at the regular time...


            Overall, yesterday was a great day although I ran pretty slowly for me  around 65 minutes. Perfect weather cloudy and cool around 55F. I wore a light jacket over the race shirt, tied it around my waist for the run and needed it on the way home, more on that later. The race start is "downtown" a leisurely 2 miles downhill from the house. I jogged down to the start and watched the first, fast HM runners go by. The 10k was incredibly crowded, maybe ten thousand people. Everyone pleasant and in a great mood. A two wave start -elite at the front of a sub 60 minutes group and then everyone else - strollers, walkers, etc... I tried to get to the front of the second group and didn't make it, so the first mile of running once we got going was also a jog, thinned out at the steep hill of the bridge. I did walk up a steep hill on the Dartmouth side, after that I maintained a good pace throughout only slowing on steep uphills the second bridge uphill and north street . No 5k split but I imagine coming back was easily a full 4-5 minutes faster (mostly long downhills).


            Lessons learned: if I were trying for a specific time one must start in the first group even at the back, and secondly I need to run lost of hills this summer Definitely my Achilles heel.



              Post race - I had fun chatting with neighbours, and there was a brief snow! Luckily I had my jacket and a mocha. Husband who was repairing a retaining wall on the house (we are on the marathon, HM route) enjoyed the cover band that set up across the street during the race that took requests.


              Still looking for the elusive 59 minutes - there's a small local, less hilly 10k in August - I'll try again!



                Nicely detailed report, Ayola. I felt like I was there.  Know what you mean about deciding where to line up. The race I did yesterday has only about 2000 entrants, but the first mile winds around some narrow streets, making for a tightly bunched crowd that whole way. Factor in lots of walkers and baby buggies - well! I lined up at the head of my goal pace section and then moved ahead of people I thought I'd be tripping over.  As with your race, the first hill thinned out the crowd.


                Good luck shooting for the August 10K goal, Ayola. Maybe we can toss some ideas around on how to get faster.

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                  Thanks Happy,  only slightly sore two days later - more in the upper back from digging and raking than running. When I'm not super sore I start to regret not running harder...

                  The plan is to rebuild miles -all easy with some hills- until maybe July, then I'll try some intervals again. I'm checking into a local trail run series for some variety.

                  Happy Tuesday and back to work, A     Hi Ze!



                    Hellooooo out there,


                    Cold and rainy morning here on the east coast, can't believe I still have the heat on! After a non running week- 30 minute run today (+ gardening), 60 minutes tomorrow. Starting the build up again.


                    Happy Saturday, A



                      I feel like a Weekend Warrior today planning to go out for a super-long run after doing barely any yoga this week, insufficient sleep for days (nights?)  (insomnia strikes again), and tired legs.  Since my opinion of WWs is they are foolish, maybe that's my self-analysis too.  Regardless, I'm going to give it a shot, go out and back from the house for 14, see how it feels, and go out and back for more if I can. I think that turnaround at the mailbox will be a challenge :-)   However today  really is the best day for me to run super-long because the weather this weekend is cool and overcast; but next weekend it's supposed to spike about 20 degrees hotter and be sunny - NO THANKS!


                      Enjoy your running buildup, Ayola.

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                        I going to run a 5K on June 22 and really must get serious about my tempo efforts. I can fit in 3 sessions between now and the race. Hopefully that will be enough.  I've decided on my 10 mile tempo run plan for this Wednesday on the treadmill and here it is.

                        2 mi w/u

                        5 mi @ 10 mpm

                        4 reps of 1/4 mi @ 8:34 (7 mph on the TM) followed by 1/2 mi recoveries.

                        Then a 5 min walk.


                        If anyone has any hot tips, feel free to toss 'em at me.

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                          Good morning!

                          Tea and toast and a one hour run after it settles then poking at the garden, yoga class tomorrow, survived an ear infection and a round of antibiotics this week.

                          Happy - how did the tempo run go? Did you run at tempo pace And do the intervals in the same session? My only comment would be that this seems like a lot at one time...

                          Have a great Saturday folks, A



                            Good morning,

                            It sounds like you're feeling a lot better, Ayola, and have a relaxing weekend planned.  Hope the sun is shining where you are.


                            I'm having coffee and toast before picking up a rented log splitter for 4 hours of fun. I plan on running later today; the distance will depend on how beat up I feel after this morning's work.


                            As for your "only comment" Ayola, I admit that was my thought when I put it down on paper as well. I had the same thought when I finished it! I decided a Rest Day after that was prudent. ;-)  Then I took yesterday as a vacation day and DH and I went for a 6-mile hike; so I've skipped running for 2 days.  My legs felt fine on the hike and seem to have survived the workout without any nuclear fallout. So I thought I'd try the same again this Wednesday and see if it feels any easier.


                            MTA 4 hours later: Got my finger pinched in the log splitter. Didn't break the bone and I can bend it; so not too bad. Now if I can just get it to stop bleeding :-(   Think I'll be running with an ice pack on my finger.

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                              Ze - I checked out the website for the "omeudeus" Lots of rugged beauty.


                              Happy- I was thinking of mile or half mile repeats at your 5k pace. I did a similar workout with 10k and HM paces back in April when I was in better shape.  I maxed out at 7x1000m so building up to something like...

                              warm up 1-2 miles

                              6 x1/2 mile at 5k pace OR 3x1 mile

                              rest interval 1/4 of the time - maybe a longer recovery for the faster pace - you could rest until your HR recovers

                              cool down



                                So what I think you're suggesting Ayola is to cut out the 5 miles at goal marathon pace and stick to just the 5K pace intervals.  That would certainly be an easier workout because I'd be starting the 5K reps on fresh legs. It is probably the smart thing  too for preparing for the June 22 5K race; and as you also suggested extending the interval length.  After this race however, I need to get back to the MP tempo runs because October will be here before I know it!

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