2000 mile club


Mileage for the year so far (Read 67 times)


    So, 2000 miles for the year. We've just finished week 13. At 38 miles per week, we should have 494 miles accumulated so far.


    I have 550. How are you doing?

    No Talent Drips

      I think this is where sarcastic posts go to die.

       Dei Gratia



        You're probably right, but the guy who started this group is only 16. I want to help him out.

        Bad Ass

          Let's help him out.  I'm at 579.



          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


            972, getting there.

            When is everyone's next race?  Dillon, the guy who started the group is tomorrow, 800m.  Super fast!


              Good luck, Dillon. 800 meters is a very long, painful sprint.


              I'm doing a half marathon on Sunday. Hoping the weather won't be too warm.


                they should give out coconut water!  Fla running es muy caliente.  Good luck Sunday.


                  OK, week ending 4/20, which was week 16.

                  2000 mile pace bunny: 608.

                  Me: 680

                    hey don't worry about me my milage will go way up once summer hits im in season right now so its lower then it should be!


                      I'm just here to vote for Candice in the poll.


                      I feel like this might not be the right group.

                        Hello everyone,

                              I started this "Club" more than a year ago and while i have fallen away from running i hope you all stay strong and healthy and keep the miles rolling. Maybe in the future i will come back to running but for now I'm turning to lifting to stay in shape. I wish you all luck in your running careers. peaceSmile