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YTD distance? (Read 82 times)

    how do you enable the YTD distance bar on the side links? the 1000 mile club has it in their group but idk how to do it on mine anyone is free to enlighten meSmile thanks!


      I would ask this question of one of the owners of the groups that have that function.

      L Train

        I believe that eric has to enable that feature and will only do so if there are enough people in the group.  I may be wrong on that but I know that's the case for the pace bunny.  You can do the same thing by sorting under reports for a small group.


        You do know there is a 2000 mile group already, right?


        Search under "2000" in group search.  Good luck.


          yes i do know that their is another 2000 mile group but there isn't a 2000 mile club their is a difference.

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            Yes, I do know that there is another 2000 mile group, but there isn't a 2000 mile club there is a difference.


            What is the difference?

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


              one is a club and one is a group.


              YTD 692.5


              Add 20 tomorrow.

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                What's the difference between a club and a group, here?

                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                  one word, semantics.

                    that other "club" or "group" is different then mine sorry for the miscommunication does it really matter anyways? Everyone should just calm down...

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                      Everyone should just calm down...

                      Calm down? You want me, nay, EVERYONE, to CALM DOWN? How the feck is anyone supposed to remain calm when there is a 2000 mile group and a 2000 mile club going head-to-head like this? Calm down. Right. Like that time I was calm when Mike Tyson got out of prison and fought that guy Peter "The Hurricane" McNeeley. And right before the fight Pete gets a call from Sylvester Stalone, and Stalone is all "if you win, we're gonna make the next Rocky movie based on you" and Pete was all "awesome". And then Peter dedicates the fight to his brother (who goes by Snubby). And then, well, Pete loses in pretty ugly fashion--but he still gets paid a lot of money for a ham-head like him...and what else are you gonna do with all that money from AOL and Pizza Hut ads buy buy a Camaro and make lots of friends who love to do lines of soot with you?


                      Calm down? This club just got out of prison, but the group is ready for a coke binge. I will NOT CALM DOWN!


                      Nice Saturday morning here...headed out for 10 or so.

                       Dei Gratia



                        OK, I giggled at Nemo.


                          Yeah, not gonna calm down.  How does our group, errr... club  stack up to the "club" in regards to mileage?