3650 Miles in the Hurtlocker


Spring races (Read 340 times)

    Hmmm ... something like:

    • JAN -- possible 10k;
    • FEB -- 10-mile; 5k;
    • MAR -- 10-mile; St. Patty 5k/8k/10k;
    • APR -- 5k; maybe HM;
    • MAY -- 5k; 15k
    • JUN -- goal 5k;
    • OCT -- 15k;
    • NOV -- goal marathon.

    "I want you to pray as if everything depends on it, but I want you to prepare yourself as if everything depends on you."

    -- Dick LeBeau

    Hold the Mayo

      Looking at Blue Ridge Marathon as a spring target race for me.  Something about those hills calls me, for some reason. 

      I'll throw a couple of local halfs in there as well, and race them as part of training, but really what I need to do to get ready for this is just be consisent with my training and do the miles.  For once I'd like to finish a marathon without walking significant portions of the last several miles.  So, I don't really have a target time in mind - I'll figure that out after the Savin Rock half on 3/23 - I just want to run the whole damn thing at this point.