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Patience vs False Hope (Read 186 times)

    What originally started as a good first two months of this year has turned into seven months of false hope.  It all started out with lower calf issues that migrated into achilles issues.  I've been here before and I know patience is key.  Two other times it has taken me about six months to get through it.


    I've been patient this summer and tried a variety of things - rest, cross training, PT, icing, stretching, different work shoes, heel lifts for my work shoes, new running shoes etc.  Through all of this, there have been times where the pain has been worse while doing nothing and less pain while doing more.  I get conflicting signals from my body on what's working and not working.  At the beginning of this month, I've had times of hope that the achilles are better.  But then again, there are days that tell me otherwise. 


    It's the constant ache all day and night and the stiffness of the legs in the morning that tell me I shouldn't get my hopes up and I need to remain patient.  Well, I lost that patience earlier this month.  So I started running and the leg hurt less afterwards and they hurt less the next morning.  So I ran some more.  But then I tell myself that I shouldn't jump in too quickly and take a day off or cross train here or there.  So I be patient and do that.  Then my leg hurts worse.  So I run again and the leg feels better.  I try to stay on soft surfaces.  Against everything you read with achilles, I run more hills and build hill workouts into my runs.  I know to stay away from speed and I'm keeping the runs on the easy side. 


    With that, my legs are feeling better each passing week.  I don't know if it's patience that's perservering or if it's more false hope.  Whatever it is, I'm going to keep running.  There will be no speed work for me or races to be had in my favorite time of the year.  I'm just happy to be out exploring the paths and trails again. 

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      Patience.  False hope.  Had my fair share of each the last two and a half years.  Not giving a shit has been leading the race since early this year, but I'm trying.


      Feeling the growl again

        You know, my PIA issues do that to me too.  I've been missing a lot of days recently because of work-related stuff, the pain seems to have gotten worse.  Since I'm jet-lagged all to hell I was out the door of the hotel at 5:00am today (nothing like running half-last in the dark through a strange city in a foreign country to get your blood flowing).  The pain went away during the run...for 3-4 hours after it got bad again.  But now it's loosened out.


        Frankly I think if I was consistent it would keep things to a dull roar.  I think the going back and for between running and slacking aggravates things.


        The difference between hope and false hope is, with false hope, you should know better than to give a shit.  And since your preconceived beliefs have a lot to do with how things turn out, I think it better to be patient and have hope until the handwriting is on the wall.


        Perhaps thinking you will get in the best shape of your life again is false hope.  But to think you will get back to where you can enjoy running and mix it up from time to time, I don't think is hoping too much.

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          Perhaps thinking you will get in the best shape of your life again is false hope.  But to think you will get back to where you can enjoy running and mix it up from time to time, I don't think is hoping too much.


          Enjoying running, absolutely!  Still time to get lifetime PR's, absolutely!


          Just finished my biggest week since the week of Feb 20 and the biggest month since Feb of this year.  It's a start!  I'm feeling good with how the fitness is coming along.  I'm tolerating the lower leg/ankle.  The daily throbbing is gone with the more running that I've been doing.  If I have to settle with keeping up with the current routine until the snow comes, so be it.  Running through the woods and along trails have been fun and I've found some new places to run around here.

            So far, patience is winning.


            It's been a decent stretch over the last few weeks and things continue to feel OK.  Not 100% but OK.  Still no speed work though.  Which is OK.  I've had some good runs this fall and I've enjoyed it.  Monday was one of those runs.  I had a little time before my flight to Houston on Monday so I stopped at a forest preserve and pounded out a 9.5 mi run @ a 6:27 pace.  It was awesome.


            Fitness and strength are feeling good and I can feel the progress! 


            Camping in WI this weekend should be fun but maybe a little chilly and a little wet.

              Patience is driving me fucking nuts right now.  Coming off a year of back to back injuries I promised myself I'd take things very slow, but I don't want to take things slow - I want to run. A lot. Now. 

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