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Summer Training and Fall Marathon (Read 119 times)

    I am working on my training plan for this summer and for the St George Marathon on Oct. 6.


    I just ran the Ogden Marathon on Sat and finished in 3:26:11.  I was shooting for <3:15 to BQ but it just wasn't there.


    My training was fairly sporadic over the last couple of months before.  I know that being more consistent is going to be the biggest help in improving.


    I am leaning towards doing Pfitz 18/70 or 12/70 for the marathon.  I have a 10k the 3rd week of July that I have been trying to decide whether or not to focus on the 10k race and then focus on marathon training after the 10k.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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      FWIW, the difference in training between the 10K and marathon are overblown.  My 5K and 10K PRs were both set on marathon training, and far superior to anything I ran on "5K/10K training".  


      I would say pick your marathon plan, make sure you are spending part of at least one workout a week (plus some strides on another day) at or faster than your 10K pace, for 6-8 weeks leading into the 10K.  Once you are through the 10K, longer tempo workouts and medium/long runs can take the place of intervals most weeks.

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