10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


Half way there (Read 248 times)

    After today's run, I'm half way towards our goal of 3650 km for the year and with 10 days left until June 30, time to stay ahead.


    I had a great last month (May) and was hoping to have another huge month for June but cold/flu & headaches put paid to that.   Last two weeks relatively quiet on the running front, only 4 days of running.   I'll be lucky to average 10 k a day this month.

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      I've slipped right behind the bunny again......


      Runners run


        I've slipped right behind the bunny again......


        I'm ahead of him right now, but the next week will be low mileage as I taper down a little for my goal 5K next Thursday.  I think I only have one run planned between now and then that is over the 10K mark.  Hopefully after that, I'll get back into some higher mileage - especially if I decide to do that ultra in the Fall.

          I'm around 100km behind the pace bunny and have been approximately holding that in recent weeks. My plan is to increase weekly mileage now so the gap should close. I do have 3 weeks of family holiday in August which will probably be a time when mileage is not so high however.


          Still - unless I get some significant injury I'm feeling positive about finishing the year ahead of the bunny.