10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


Two months into the year (2011) - are we happy where we're at (Read 375 times)

    Here's the stats for Jan & Feb, 2011.   The magic figure is 590 km ((31 + 28) * 10)).


    I'm quite happy at this stage with 726 km with a day left (28th) which I'll probably add another 12 k's.   So I'm ahead and have 13 days to play with to account for injuries or whatever.   I know at some point during the year I'll have to draw upon these days.


    So are we all kicking goals with this 10 k a day thing?




    ps. As always, if your profile is set to private, your stats will not show in the report.

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      A bit behind where I'd like to be. Weather (with some snow shoveling back issues) has been main culprit in putting me behind the bunny. Hopefully will catch back up in March.



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        I'm very happy--I think the base mileage has been good for me.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          I'm very happy--I think the base mileage has been good for me.

          I'm pretty pleased with the mileage and the motivation the group provides. But I think AP and I both got confused and thought you meant 10M per day, since we're in the US, instead of 10K. Wink Just hoping to stay relatively uninjured while keeping the mileage rolling. Thanks for keeping the group going Steven.

            Relative to the pace bunny it's good. Relative to what I hoped to do it's so-so. It's curious to see I've climbed the list recently. I don't think this was due to my running. Rather, I think some others disappeared.

              I'm fairly pleased with my progress.

              I've been knocking out a few 21.1km runs every week  (52 in 52) and running at least 10km on each day that I run. That's helped me to have gained 22 days on the Dingo (it will l always be a pace Dingo to me even if the reports insist on calling it a bunny - very disrespectful to call a Dingo a bunny)

              Summer is now close to over so there's probably only a couple of months of good weather left before it will probably start to require more willpower to get out the door.

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                Generally things have gone OK for me so far this year. The first week was poor due to illness, and I've just had 9 or 10 days away skiing when I didn't run so much. But I'm ahead of the bunny and should now have 3 or so weeks of pretty high mileage, before starting to taper for the Paris marathon.


                Normally this part of the year is OK for me - I've done Paris for 5 years in a row now and always put in some reasonable miles leading up to that. The trouble is normally that I don't keep it going through the year (although last year was better - I did Amsterdam in October which provided the incentive to keep going). Hopefully the threat of being caught by the bunny will keep me going all through the year Smile


                  558.50 - Minus 32.5K.


                  Lost this (32K) basically last week due to sickness.

                  Wonder if the bunny is any chance of getting myxomatosis (or whatever dingos get)?


                  This mileage is towards the limit of my capacity (maybe beyond it??), so catching up is a very gradual process.

                  I am hoping life will get easier as it cools down.

                  Running in Qld in Feb is relatively warm & humid.

                    Its going good for me, I like the weekly base mileage goal of 43.5 miles. I've been averaging 51 miles a wek and have never ran that much before this year.


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                      Fell behind, but always prefer chasing to being chased anyway.

                        Not too bad.  I am one week ahead of the dingo right now.  I had hoped to be a bit more, but was having some shin pain last week so I backed off and lost a few miles on him instead of gaining them.


                        this week will be  low week for me as well, but after that i should be back on track to gain some more ground on him.

                          Not at all happy. Trying to come back from achilles injury now. I will get there.