10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


The week just gone (14 - 20 Feb, 2011) - post mortem (Read 261 times)

    Another week over (14 - 20 Feb, 2011) and here's the stats.


    Not much mileage for me, just over 70 km but what I lacked in overall distance I made up for it in quicker runs, which I'm quite pleased with.   Still, I'm ahead of the bunny. 


    For this coming week, will probably run another 70 odd k's or thereabouts.

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      A low mileage week from me. I managed only the equivalent of a marathon, thanks to a stomach virus knocking me (and my family) out for a few days. I have a bit of catching up to do now, but races this week and next mean low mileage, so I'll have to take the long view and aim to catch the bunny in about 3-4 weeks....

        Tough week for me too, but a planned lower one anyway. Today marks 7 weeks out from my spring marathon, http://martianmarathon.com/


        Hope everyone in the colder temps is staying tough. Another nasty blast up here in MI. 

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          I'm in (not so) sunny Klosters skiing at the moment. I have been for a couple of short easy runs, but I don't much feel like big runs after a day's skiing so it's likely to be a pretty low mileage week.

            A dispiriting "0" last week.

            I have had eight days off nursing a sick calf (my leg, not a young bovine animal).

            Have started a walk-jog-walk recovery program. The rabbit will go bounding past me this week.


              Not a good week for me - lost a few miles to the dingo.  Legs feel like lead lately and my right ankle is giving me some issues.  Probably going to lose some more miles each week now as I taper down a bit for my race in two weeks.

                91.5km for me and closing in on the pace bunny, settling into marathon training now Smile